How do you recognize “2G Plus” in the vaccination certificate? Test or not?

The 2G-Plus regulation for restaurants has been adopted. But what exactly does “2G +” mean? Who does the rule apply to? And how can you tell from the vaccination certificate whether 2G + applies to you or not?

Up until now, the “2G rule” applied to admission to restaurants, bars and pubs. This means that anyone who has been vaccinated or recovered was allowed to visit the restaurants. Due to the “Omikron” wave, the admission regulations are tightened and you also need a daily, negative corona test. But there are exceptions. But how do you prove when checking the vaccination certificate that you have authorized admission even without a test?

No obligation to test with “2G Plus”? That’s how you recognize it

“2G Plus” means that vaccinated or convalescent an additional corona test Must show at the entrance. The obligation to test does not apply to anyone who already has their “Booster” vaccination, ie the third vaccination (or second in the case of “Johnson & Johnson”). Even people who have recovered and then received a double vaccination do not fall under the “2G Plus” rule and therefore do not need a test. But how is the status of operators checked on receipt using the digital vaccination certificate?

  • So far it was enough for the operator to provide proof of vaccination in the vaccination certificate scanned with the CovPass-Check-App and have compared the data with the identity card.
  • For the “2G Plus” check, operators must enter Look more closely. Just looking at the valid certificate is no longer enough.
  • Instead, the digital proof of vaccination must be in the CovPass or Corona-Warn-App be tapped once. Is there the indication “Vaccination 3 of 3” or “2/1“, The vaccination certificate indicates the booster vaccination. So in that case you need no additional corona test.
  • If you have been boosted, you may need the corresponding vaccination certificate select firstso that older information is not displayed.
  • But is there something like “Vaccination 2 of 2“, You are still considered to have had a basic immunization, but you have to show a test.
  • Operators then have additional work, after all, on the one hand, a check app has to be used to check whether the relevant certificate is valid and, on the other hand, it is necessary to look “by hand” to see which status is now available.

If you have to show a test, you can save the result for quick access in the Corona-Warn- or CovPass-App:

Hopefully the apps will be upgraded. In the CovPass app itself, it is finally indicated that one should not show the “sensitive data in restaurants, at events and similar situations” that are displayed after tapping on a vaccination certificate.

“2G Plus”: Where does it even apply?

The “2G Plus” regulation is to apply nationwide in restaurants and co. Until January 25th. An extension is possible depending on the pandemic situation. In addition, each federal state has individual regulations. The “2G Plus” rule does not apply in local public transport and supermarkets as well as other shops for daily needs, in local transport it is set to “3G”. In some federal states, “2G +” applies not only to restaurants, but also to other leisure areas. In addition, there are different interpretations of the regulation depending on the federal state. In Bremen, for example, there is no compulsory test for those who have recovered if they have been vaccinated twice in the last three months. The best way to find out which rule applies to your region is from the “Can I do that?” App. Here you will find a list of the currently applicable resolutions and regulations, depending on your everyday situation and place of residence.

Am I allowed to do that?

Developer: InTradeSys GmbH

Am I allowed to do that?

Am I allowed to do that?

Developer: Intradesys GmbH

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In contrast to the second vaccination, you do not have to wait two weeks for the booster vaccination until the vaccination status applies. The booster status is active immediately after the injection. As soon as you leave the vaccination station, you can theoretically go to a pub, bar or restaurant without a test.