Kakao Games Launches ‘Kakao Battleground’ Free Play Service | Ruri Web

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– ‘Kakao Battleground’ is free for everyone from today

– Abundant events to commemorate the introduction of the free play service

‘Kakao Battlegrounds’, serviced by Kakao Games (CEO Jo Gye-hyun) and developed by Crafton (CEO Kim Chang-han) PUBG Studios, will start a free play service from today (12th).

With the introduction of the ‘free play service’, you can enjoy Kakao Battlegrounds for free without purchasing a separate package.

‘Kakao Battleground’ includes ‘Basic’, where you can enjoy most of the content for free just by signing up through Daum Game (Daum Game), and ‘Battleground Plus’, where you can additionally use some content such as competitive games by purchasing products. ‘Basic’ users can also enjoy competitive games when using the Kakao Games premium PC room.

In addition, depending on the PC room play time, you can receive an additional reward box and a basic PC room benefit of 50% boost, and as exclusive points acquired according to the PC room play time, you can play games such as permanent skins at the ‘PC Room Exclusive Point Exchange’. items can be obtained. From the 17th, you can use the PC room mileage earned for each Kakao Battleground to pay for PC room rates and purchase food.

More detailed information about the Kakao Battlegrounds free play service and event details can be found on the official website ‘and the ‘Kakao Games PC’ KakaoTalk channel.

Kakao Battlegrounds official website: https://pubg.kakaogames.com

Kakao Battlegrounds KakaoTalk Channels: https://pf.kakao.com/_KCIhu

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]