Kakao Games, Mobile RPG ‘Grand Chase’ New Hero ‘Ragna’ Updates on the 11th (Tuesday) | Ruri Web

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– The fire dragon sniper hero ‘Ragna’ that burns all enemies appears

– ‘Ernas Prayer Festival’ event where ‘Up to 420 free hero summons’ and ‘Pilgrim Avatar’ can be acquired

– Added ‘Storm Growth System’ that supports up to 7 SS Heroes to grow up to level 20 of the Chaser

Kakao Games (CEO Jo Gye-hyun) announced on the 12th that it had updated the new SS hero ‘Ragna’ to the mobile RPG ‘Grand Chase’ developed by Cog (CEO Lee Jong-won).

The fire dragon ‘Ragna’, first introduced in ‘World 11 Spirit Realm’, appeared as a sniper hero. ‘Ragna’ is a character that combines splendor and strength by firing flame feathers to attack enemies, and instantly transforms into a dragon and pours powerful attacks. It has a great advantage in both dungeon hunting against multiple enemies and battles with other users.

Along with the advent of new heroes, Kakao Games will hold the ‘Ernas Prayer Event’, which consists of ▲ Special Summon for Prayer Festival ▲ Pilgrimage to Ernas, Twinkle Soul Stone, and ▲ Adventure Dungeon buff event until the 24th.

First of all, ‘Special Summon for Prayer Festival’ provides an opportunity to ‘Summon Free Heroes up to 420 times’ just by logging in. In addition, in the ‘Ernas Pilgrimage’ event, you can acquire up to 4 newly added ‘pilgrim avatars’ just by logging in, and the user collects the keys that can be obtained when clearing the adventure dungeon, and has a probability of ‘pilgrim’ in the event shop. Avatar can be obtained.

The ‘Twinkle Twinkle Soul Stone’ event provides various rewards whenever a simple play mission is performed. When you complete all the missions, you can acquire the ‘SS 5-Star Hero Summoning Ticket’. In addition, every time you complete a mission, you can get a glimpse of the stories of the Grand Chase members who met the ‘Ernas Prayer Festival’, providing another pleasure.

The ‘Adventure Dungeon Buff Event’ provides an opportunity to acquire 100% additional hero experience and gold when clearing the adventure dungeon during the event period, and provides an additional 100% additional ‘Evolution Cube’ acquisition and a double buff of equipment crafting material drop rate on weekends. .

At the same time, the ‘Storm Growth System’ has been newly added, allowing users to rapidly grow up to 7 ‘SS Heroes’ to the 20th level of the chaser.

On the other hand, you can check the update of the new hero ‘Ragna’ of ‘Grand Chase’ and detailed information about the event at the official cafe.

Grand Chase Official Cafe: https://cafe.daum.net/g-chase

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]