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– Here, Labariding’s proprietary ‘AI reading identification technology’ detects the user’s improvement in English proficiency and adapts to it.

Lava Reading, an AI-based English speaking learning mobile application that allows you to learn English speaking through reading an application, collaborates with Oxford University Press to add the Oxford Bookworms series as new application content said it did Users can take advantage of this new content right now through an app update.

The Oxford Bookworm Series, with more than 270 books spanning a variety of genres, from classic literature to modern novels, fantasy, mystery novels, and non-fiction, is divided into seven reading levels so that children from elementary school students to adults can read comfortably according to their abilities. characteristic.

Labriding has added 14 Oxford Bookworm originals as new content, including Victor Hugo’s , Charles Dickens’ , , Shakespeare’s plays , , , and the Sherlock Holmes novel series as new content. will be added When using these new contents, users can use the existing functions of the Labrading app, such as the reading and identification function unique to Labrading, listening to the correct pronunciation for each word and sentence, real-time English-Korean translation, and a vocabulary book.

What is special about this collaboration with Oxford University Press, Labiding brought not only the original ‘text’ of the original book, but also the ‘audio’ of real native speakers. Therefore, users who want to practice speaking English through the added Oxford Bookworm series can check their pronunciation by comparing them with the world’s highest ‘recorded’ voice.

“Oxford University Press is the most trusted brand in the field of English education as a university publication with a history of more than 400 years and a world-class scale,” said an official of the Labriding App. Reading app users can now study anytime, anywhere with the best English textbooks and audio textbooks in one hand.”

In fact, Oxford University Press is the world’s largest university press and the second oldest publisher in the world after Cambridge University Press, with three major publishing areas: research, education, and English language education. In particular, Oxford University Press is also famous for its mission of producing world-class academic and educational materials for English education and making them as widely available as possible. It is known to be highly rated by

An official from the Labriding app said, “The fact that Oxford University Press, which puts the highest value in producing and distributing world-class English textbooks, has collaborated with us this time is not only the belief they have in the Labriding app, but also the fact that the Labriding app is in English. I think that it is a part that proves the potential and possibility that it has in terms of education.”

In addition, with the new addition of this Oxford Bookworm series, Lavariding has reorganized the application classification category in the app from ‘by subject’ to ‘by level’. Labiding plans to provide each user with the right starting point and a more efficient path to achieve their English learning goals. From the user’s point of view, the level of each application possessed by Labriding can be confirmed in advance, and they can decide for themselves what level of books they will reach in the future.

In addition, Labiding’s unique ‘AI reading identification technology’ has also been upgraded. This technology, which is also a core function of the Lavariding app, tracks the user’s voice who reads the English application text aloud in real time within the app screen, and displays the correct pronunciation in blue and incorrect pronunciation in yellow. From now on, the more advanced AI detects each user’s improvement in English proficiency and self-adapts to it. explanation. Through this, it is expected that the tension during reading the application will be maintained, enabling continuous, high-level immersion learning.

The Labriding app is currently available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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By Lee Myung-gyu, staff reporter [email protected]