LEGO catalog 2022: paper or download as PDF & app

Every year there are new sets at LEGO and if you want to keep an overview, you should either download the LEGO catalog 2022, install the corresponding app on your smartphone or order the printed catalog. GIGA shows you how to do it.

There are several LEGO catalogs every year and also different ways how you can get the catalogs. If you want to have it always available, you can download it as a PDF or install a LEGO catalog app for Android and the iPhone. And if you prefer paper, you can order the catalog and have it sent to you.

Download the LEGO catalog 2022 as a PDF

All LEGO catalogs for a year are available for download as PDF files. On the PDF download page you will find the current catalogs and can either open them in the browser or download them to your computer or smartphone.

To open the file you then need a PDF reader, which is usually free of charge.

LEGO® Technic 42111 Technic Dom's Dodge Charger, Bauset, bunt

LEGO® Technic 42111 Technic Dom’s Dodge Charger, Bauset, bunt

LEGO catalog app

LEGO offers a whole range of apps. You can find them for every building system, for the “LEGO Movie” and as a catalog app. The “LEGO 3D Katalog“Offers more than just a few pictures of LEGO sets. Rather, it is a “virtual reality catalog” that perfectly integrates the models of all sets into your surroundings as animated mini-films. To do this, the camera is activated and then the app lets flying X-Wing fighters, for example, fly over your dining table.

LEGO® 3D Katalog

LEGO® 3D Katalog

Entwickler: LEGO System A/S

LEGO® 3D Katalog

LEGO® 3D Katalog

Developer: LEGO

Order the LEGO catalog

Some do not like e-books or catalogs in digital form. In addition, it is of course much easier to check in a printed LEGO catalog what is still missing in the collection. For this reason, LEGO offers you to order a free paper catalog and have it sent to you.

Apart from these three options, you can of course also use the company’s available offer on the website at any time consider. Here it is also possible to order the various sets directly. However, experienced fans know that they can usually be bought at “street prices” cheaper in special offers from the usual online retailers.

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