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– Start of global pre-order for new work

– A sci-fi strategy simulation game developed based on WEMIX

– Advance reservation commemorative event and NFT pre-sale

Global pre-registration for a new mobile game developed by Lightcon, a subsidiary of Wemade Max (co-representatives Jang Hyun-guk and Lee Gil-hyung), started on the 12th (Wednesday).

ROS is the first SLG blockchain game to be introduced through the Wemix platform, and features a vast space background, detailed battleships, and planets.

In addition to strategic planning to expand forces, such as large-scale wars unfolding in real time, you can enjoy battles by finding resource-rich planets in the galaxy world and attacking opposing factions.

In particular, ROS plans to provide a new game token ‘Syltherium’ and a ‘carrier’ to which NFT is applied.

Syltherium can be obtained by exchanging the game resource ‘Shield Particles’ and can only be mined through the carrier.

Shield particles can be obtained not only through mining, but also by looting between users, so a fierce battle for resources in the game is expected.

First of all, global pre-orders are available on Google Play in all regions of the world except Korea and China, and will start soon on the Apple App Store.

In addition, various events and ROS NFT pre-sale will be held to commemorate the global pre-order.

First, an airdrop event is held. After participating in the pre-registration, a total of 1 million game tokens will be given out to a total of 100,000 users through a lottery for users who have left authentication on the ROS official Twitter from January 13th.

An event was also prepared to provide approximately 1.2 million Cethereum by lottery among all pre-sold ROS NFT buyers and participants in the official community event.

Carriers with unique characteristics are applied as NFTs and sold in advance. It will be sold in a random box format on the Wemix Auction event page, and the first will be held twice from January 27 to February 3, and the second from February 10 to 17.

Meanwhile, ROS plans to start a global service with ‘ROS on WEMIX’ within the first quarter of this year.

Global official website:

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]