Line Games, ‘Undecemed’ pre-download begins… Opens at 00:00 on Thursday, January 13 | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– Available for pre-download from ‘Line Games Floor’ and Google and Apple Markets from 1pm on the 12th

– Grand opening at 00:00 (midnight) on the 13th… PC, Mobile Cross Play Support

Line Games (CEO Kim Min-gyu) will proceed with client pre-download prior to the grand opening of ‘UNDECEMBER’, a multi-platform hack and slash action RPG developed by Need Games (CEO In-young Koo) and scheduled to be serviced by the company on the 12th.

Users who wish to play the game can pre-download the PC version client and mobile version through the Line Games floor, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store from 1 PM on the 12th. Game play is possible after the grand opening at 00:00 on the 13th.

‘Undecember’, which is receiving great anticipation and interest, such as exceeding 3 million pre-orders, will be officially released in Korea at 00:00 on January 13, and the global service will be expanded in the first half of this year. The game can be enjoyed on mobile (Android OS, iOS) and PC (Line Games FLOOR) multi-platform, and ‘Cross Play’ between each platform is supported.

This game is centered on the story of Rune Hunter to prevent the resurrection of ‘Surfence’, the ‘thirteenth’ being. It is characterized by being able to enjoy ‘growth without class (job) restrictions’ by combining the equipment and runes collected through battle and farming.

You can find more information about the game and advance reservations for ‘Undecemed’ through the brand site and Line Games’ FLOOR. Line Games is also releasing game information sequentially through social media channels such as Facebook and Discord, and through the official YouTube channel.

Undecember Floor (FLOOR) page:

Google Play Store :

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Undecemed Brand Sites:

Undecember official Facebook page:

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]