Lost Ark’s new supporter class ‘Dohwawa’ released and ‘Holy Knight’ and ‘Bard’ upgraded

In the online game Lost Ark of Smile Gate, a new class ‘Drawer’ was added through the January 12 update.

After creating a character by selecting the ‘Specialist’ class on the character creation screen, you can change to a painter at Tricion, and a jumping ticket for the 2nd event will be provided along with the release of the painter.

The period for receiving and using the 2nd event jumping ticket is from the regular inspection on January 12, 2022 to March 26, and the existing 1st event jumping ticket and the 2nd event jumping ticket can be received separately.

As for improvements and corrections, first, the expedition unit gold reward limit was applied.

For this reason, in the contents to which the ‘expedition unit gold reward limit’ is applied, rewards can be obtained by clearing up to 6 characters per week per expedition unit.

A new supporter class, ‘Illustrator’, has been added, and Bard and Holy Knight have also been changed. In the case of Bard, it has been improved to use only the full serenade bubble out of the serenade gauge accumulated at the time of using the identity skill. maintain.

Among the skills, if you are not in a party under the ‘Persistence Enhancement’ tripod effect of the ‘Stigma’ skill, damage to the enemy increases by 35%, and the same effect is applied to the ‘Weak Six Strength’ of the ‘Tempest Prelude’ skill.

Holy Knight has been improved so that it can be deactivated immediately by pressing the Z and X keys while the identity skills ‘God’s Executioner’ and ‘Divine Aura’ are active. was increased by 4.3%.

Holy Knight also added an option to increase damage to enemies by 50% when not in a party in the ‘Executor’s Sword’ skill and ‘Sharp Strike’ tripod effect.

More information about this patch can be found on the official Lost Ark website.

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