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– Start of pre-registration for large mobile MMORPG ‘Traha Infinity’

– 100% of rich rewards including rare mounts will be provided to all pre-booking participants

– An endlessly immersive and enjoyable game through infinite growth and infinite content

Moai Games (CEO Chan Lee) announced on the 12th that they will start pre-ordering for the large mobile MMORPG ‘Traha Infinity’ under development.

‘Traha Infinity’ is a game set in the worldview of ‘Traha’ 200 years ago. It is the second game developed by Moai Games and is the first game to be launched in-house. ‘Traha Infinity’ is an exciting story of the story before the birth of the Vulcan and Naiad dynasties that appear in the mobile MMORPG ‘Traha’, and allows you to find elements such as familiar terrain and place names.

Users can enjoy the fun of growth by defeating powerful bosses and acquiring equipment in various types of PVE dungeons, and experience the real-time fun of PVP through individual territory occupation battles or guild unit national occupation battles. In particular, you can enjoy more strategic hunting by actively utilizing Soulmate, an asynchronous party system that is greatly differentiated from other games.

100% of rich rewards along with the rare mount ‘Sir’ will be provided to all participants in the ‘Traha Infinity’ pre-order starting today, and up to the maximum rare weapon box depending on the number of pre-registrations achieved. In addition, you can receive potions and premium pets according to the accumulated number of people through SNS subscription events, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, Shinsegae Department Store gift certificates, and friend invitation events by lot through pre-order sharing events. Through lottery, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm, and Starbucks Americano gift cards will be provided.

In addition, an ‘Online Showcase’, where details of the game will be revealed for the first time, will be held at 7 pm this evening. At the showcase, Moai Games CEO Chan Lee and PD Choi Byung-in, who was in charge of development, will directly introduce the core fun elements of the game, while also planning to release an in-game video for the first time.

Chan Lee, CEO of Moai Games, said, “We have started pre-ordering for Traha Infinity in advance.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]