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[기사 본문]

– Introduces a system that collects monster samples and grows the desired series during attack and defense

– Added ‘Byul-hee’s Astrology Scorpios’, which collects ‘Moonlight Shards’ and raises character stats

– Once every 4 weeks, ‘Frenzy Boss Hyperion’ appears… When you kill, you get a higher reward than the existing boss monster.

‘Trickster M’, a mobile MMORPG (multiplayer online role-playing game) of NCsoft Co., Ltd. (CEO Taek-Jin Kim, hereafter referred to as NC), has added ‘Cabbala Encyclopedia’ content.

‘Cabala Encyclopedia’ is content that collects monster specimens and develops characters. Users can hunt monsters or collect monster specimens at the ‘Exchange Office’ in the in-game store. If you register the collected specimens in the illustrated book and grow them, you will receive ‘book points’. Users can obtain the stats of the desired series during attack and defense with ‘Book Points’.

NC added a new constellation ‘Scorpius’ to the ‘Byul-hee’s Astrology’ content. Users can acquire ‘Moonlight Fragment’ by defeating monsters in the World Dungeon ‘Welcome Academy’ or completing various missions in ‘Drill’s Special Activities’. If you use ‘Moonlight Piece’ to ‘View Stars’ of the ‘Scorpius’ constellation, you can increase your character’s stats.

In Trickster M, the berserk boss ‘Hyperion’ appears. ‘Hyperion’ is a boss monster that appears every Saturday. Once every 4 weeks, more powerfully berserk. Users can obtain Legendary grade items (armor, accessories, skill books) and 1 million gelders (in-game currency) by defeating the Berserk boss ‘Hyperion’. If you collect 3 ‘faded legend blueprints’, the boss attack reward, you can make a ‘legendary blueprint’.

Trickster M has strengthened the rewards according to level achievement. Each time the user raises the character level, the user receives additional rewards (‘fast growth ampoule’, ‘Captain Stan’s pocket watch box (bind)’, ‘Enkicladus’ bracelet box (bind)’, etc.) .

Details of the update can be found on the Trickster M brand site.

About Trickster M

‘Trickster M’ is a mobile game developed by Ntreev Soft, a subsidiary of NC, using the ‘Trickster’ IP serviced from 2003 to 2014. Users can enjoy ‘drill action’ and 2D dot graphics, which were loved in the original, on mobile.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]