New 3D mobile game ‘Taego M’ officially launched in 4 major stores including Google and Apple

City Labs(Representative Jo Young-joong)is a new mobile developed by Gaia Mobile and serviced by the company. MMORPG ‘remote antiquityM‘ on Google Play, Apple App Store, one store, Officially released on Galaxy Store 12day said.

‘remote antiquityM‘ is set in an oriental fantasy worldview. 3D as a mobile game, human, ghost, monster, God, powwow, mine, etc. 6It has an exciting storyline with dog races fighting for power..

User checks, judge, predicative, Spearman and other guns 4You can choose any number of jobs, far away, You can enjoy it according to your play style, such as close range..

In addition, the clan system with various rules, such as divided by season and level, or requiring sophisticated control, has been well received and 11Advance reservations per day 70 exceeded ten thousand people.

An event will be held to commemorate the official launch.. As a reward for achieving pre-registration simply by logging into the game first, you, silver, circle vegetable for dyeing, You can receive the black tiger package icon and frame.

Download the game with SNSShare on iPhone through lottery13, logitech wireless gaming keyboard, Shinsegae gift certificates, etc..

In addition, if you comment on the official service congratulations on the official cafe, all participants will receive an in-game item ‘Blue Dragon Crystal’ and, 60A ‘General Treasure Map’ is provided when level achievement is verified..

In addition, various events such as job training strategy events and official community favorite certification events are in progress..

More details can be found on the official cafe..

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