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[기사 본문]

– Added a new event story ‘Revolutionary Ivan Kupala’

– New characters ‘Cherino’ and ‘Nodoka’ appeared in ‘Red Winter Federal Academy’

– Raid content ‘All-out war’ and ‘Hesed (field battle)’ update

Nexon Co., Ltd. (CEO Lee Jeong-heon) announced on the 12th that it had updated the event story ‘Ivan Kupala of Revolution’ in the subculture game ‘Blue Archive’ developed by its subsidiary Netgames (CEO Park Yong-hyun).

This story contains a revolutionary journey to regain Cherino’s position as president, who was overthrown due to a coup that occurred suddenly at the festival of ‘Red Winter Federal Academy’, and consists of a total of 5 episodes. To commemorate the update of the event story, all users were given the in-game currency 1,200 blue pyroxene.

You can use the event currency ‘Cherymka Chocolate’, ‘Beard Crepe’, and ‘Red Beard Medal’ acquired while playing the event quests in the event shop for various can be exchanged for items. In addition, ‘Cherino Matryoshka’ can be exchanged for various items such as ‘Nodoka’s Elef’, where you can get ‘Nodoka’ at the event prize exchange.

Event currency tokens can be additionally obtained by forming specific characters and conducting battles. ‘Cherino’ and ‘Nodoka’ for ‘Cherino Matryoshka’, ‘Izumi’, ‘Junko’, and ‘Fuuka’ for ‘Cherylka Chocolate’, ‘Haruna’, ‘Akari’ and ‘Juri’ You can additionally acquire ‘Beard Crepe’.

In addition, new characters ‘Cherino’ and ‘Nodoka’ of ‘Red Winter Federal Academy’ have been newly added. ‘Cherino’ is a ‘penetrating’ attack type and uses ‘EX skill’ that deals damage to enemies within the circle range, and ‘Nodoka’ uses the ‘EX skill’ that increases the accuracy of allies within the circle range.

‘Hesed (field battle)’ of the raid content ‘All-out war’ will be operated until the 17th. Users can acquire season rewards according to the achievement ranking, and by accumulating points, they can obtain various character growth items such as ‘Blue Pyrexite’, ‘Eligma’, and ‘Oparts’.

Information on the update of the ‘Blue Archive’ event story ‘Revolutionary Ivan Kupala’ can be found through the official community.

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]