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January 10th in Korea. ‘Yes 6 Online’, which started CBT through Google Play, is a title that has already started service in Japan on July 20, last year.

As the name suggests, Ys 6 Online provides content through transformation based on the original ‘Ys 6: Nafish Team’s Box (standard version)’. However, the only thing I brought was the story YS6 showed me. Design that forms the basis of play. There is a big difference in the content flow. It is a form that focuses on building play as an MMORPG, breaking away from the concept of the Ys series of adventure stories of the hero Adol.

A change in the genre and design of the gameplay means that the overall experience of playing is different. So, how will YS6 Online melt the story that was once a complete form into the MMORPG system? And at the same time, as a mobile MMORPG, it is close to a title that has been contemplating whether to keep players connected.

● Melting Ace in MMORPG – Splitting up the finished story and encouraging access

Ys 6 Mobile is designed to follow the story of Ys 6 as it is, and to experience the process of nurturing the character who is the player’s alter ego. In the original story, only Adol was floating on the beach, but here it is set that Adol and the player character drifted at the same time. In other words, it maintains the framework of Adol’s adventure story. Following the story of the original, the player remains in the role of Adol’s assistant.

The progression of the early game play almost follows that of the original. There is a story about the main actors such as Orha and Isha. Your own battles and directing. With the addition of dubbing, it became a form of inducing immersion in the story itself. At least this part can be praised. Considering the fact that the story delivery in the original story was mainly text, it also suggests a development of its own.

The player is a ‘setup’ of Adol’s companion.

Outside of the main quest, there are parts to pay attention to. Unlike the original, which focused on the adventures of Adol and the events surrounding it, it is possible to illuminate more diverse characters. The main story follows the original story as it is, but the player character is not an Adol. I was able to capture the stories and emotions of those around me in a little more detail.

And the development team splits these stories into several aspects. The decision was made to differentiate the content. It is a structure that opens up stories that can be seen depending on the level, rather than being delivered naturally through the process of growth from start to finish. In the end, the story becomes a kind of reward, with a bit of a goal to stimulate the player’s growth.

Orha also sends messenger chats. The role of the main cast increased in the story. Maybe the main character is also a helper?

However, in the end, the focus of content in YS6 Online is on nurturing. The indicator of combat power is at the center of nurturing, and players need to go through the process of looking around all content to increase combat power. And this is a structure with a clear one-day limit. The number of times the content can be played per day is set, and the maximum amount of experience earned is also set.

This inevitably leads to a form that demands steady play. to see the next story. And it goes through the process of accessing and playing every day through the content provided as the level rises. A series of activities to increase combat power are also included. In addition to the combat power that comes from the level, the developer designed most of the content in the game to be connected with combat power, such as strengthening equipment / level of attachments called soul cards / ‘heroes’ where the original NPCs come and help.

So, almost everything is used to increase the stat of combat power.

Considering the fact that the hurdles given in the main quest are not that high, the intention of the story as a reward becomes clearer. Rather, it is limited to auxiliary combat content that the hurdles are divided according to the level limit / combat power. If you can’t clear the battle content, you can’t get more experience points. This means that you will encounter the main quest later. The fortunate thing is that the content that was not available is paid by converting a certain amount of experience when logging in the next day (after 5:00 a.m.).

Looking around the overall system of Ys6 Online, there is nothing that can be specified as a singularity. It is close to a form in which the progress of the story is broken up and placed on top of the same system as a sample of a mobile MMORPG designed with a focus on combat power. It is designed to induce a steady visitor rather than the charm that comes from battle and play. And it shows the distribution of sub-quests and content for this purpose. Therefore, in YS6 Online, there will inevitably come a moment when upbringing exceeds the attractiveness of story progression.

Stories or other directing. The illustrations are good, but…

● When the system burys the charm of the story – things that are lost and split

Ultimately, it follows the original storyline. And the biggest charm of Ys 6 is that it has its own side story. However, since this story is presented only as a reward, the color of the nurturing structure and system’s identity begins to fade.

This is because the form of providing the story is subdivided into one chapter (chapter) unit. And it comes from the fact that the condition to play those chapters is the level. What is presented to the player is only the level conditions to see the story, and only that is the subsequent gameplay and development. It aims to lead to the occasional use of BM.

So there are so many things to do.

The story of ‘playing the game while appreciating the story’ means that play and game design from start to finish are necessary. According to the standard of the original, an incident occurs. It is a process of reaching a solution through the process of action and nurturing. Own hurdles or attack elements. Puzzle-like forms are used in game design, through which events and events. Connect the story and lead the player to one end.

However, this method cannot be used in the MMORPG YS6 Online. This is because MMORPGs focus more on steady access and play than on a single completed form. Therefore, the decision was made to split the story into small pieces, but the systems between the story and the story do not provide a smooth or natural connection. It means that the attractiveness of the battle and the system is lowered.

At least in terms of combat system, it is difficult to say that it has followed the basics of the original. Especially in terms of speed of action. The battle of Ys 6 right now. And if you think about the battles in the series after that, it’s easy to compare. Fast-paced action. Factors such as the player’s manipulation do not contribute much to the battle. A battle that revolves around the cooldown. An example would be the placement of skills using soul cards. This point is different from Ys 6 as well as battles in other series.

If you look at the overall combat system, it’s a different game in many ways.

It is an unavoidable part because the genre has changed with MMORPGs. This is because, in order to cooperate with other people and create one party play, it is necessary to have points lacking each other in terms of manipulation and skill. The same goes for Ys6 Online.

For this purpose, subdivision elements such as occupation and skill composition / change were included. Although this point is meaningful as an MMO. The action, which could be said to be a feature of the original, does not take shape. Rather than aiming for a refreshingly fast-paced action, it follows the general form of mobile MMO and applies it without much thought.

More than anything else, the field lost a lot of meaning. The places the player explored in the original work are just a stage that can be teleported to, and even if you look at the contents as a whole, they only play the role of a place. Although some content works on the field, it only provides a fragmentary place for leveling up rather than adventure.

Adol is just an NPC

Even if you turn your gaze and look at it in terms of time, the structure is ironic. YS6 Mobile follows Adol’s adventures in the story. It is designed to spend more time on nurturing itself than on helping. At the beginning of the play, the ratio of time consumed in the story and other content is similar, but soon the level limit is reached and the progress comes to a point where the progress is blocked in units of one level. Since there is an upper limit on how much experience you can earn per day, the progress thereafter will be even slower. Literally, there is nothing more to be done.

The main story progresses in units of one level. There are experience points that can be acquired per day, so there is a limit to leveling up. Therefore, the player spends more time leveling up to follow the story rather than following the story. Even in this ‘following process’, combat power is limited. It is instantaneous that the purpose of play is not the story, but rather leads to an increase in combat power.

There is also a limit to gaining experience. In other words, I want to do more, but I can’t

This is a design that induces people to focus more on nurturing itself, not on providing the story, which has been the goal of play. The development team has made the goal of ‘I want to see the next story’ naturally coincide with the result of ‘increase combat power’ and change the priority to nurturing.

Of course, within the genre of MMORPG. As a mobile title, it is an acceptable form. In any case, it is clear that long-term play is necessary, and it is a state with the minimum number of factors that can be maintained in terms of profit. As this happens, the things that made YS6 like YS series start to lose meaning.

Adol just becomes one of the NPCs who give the player quests, and the story is fragmented. Spending more time nurturing leads to the conclusion that the player’s purpose is reversed. At the same time, as time goes by, the connections between content that are not polished are creating a bizarre play experience.

Why do I have to do this content while playing? There is a part where the answer to ‘combat power’ is connected only with ‘combat power’

● YS6: Not Nafish Team’s Box – YS6 ‘Online’

Broadly speaking, expectations for IS6 Online can be summarized in a few points. The first is that the story of Ys 6 can be played on mobile. The second is expectations for additional elements such as advanced directing and dubbing. In this respect, YS6 Mobile satisfies the minimum conditions. Following the story of the original in a broad framework, the story of auxiliary characters is added. It is a structure that increases the variety of the whole story.

However, it is in the form of an MMORPG. It is necessary to keep in mind the change in the form of ‘online’. This means that the gameplay is not built on one finished story/field design. YS6 Online is designed to break the story into small pieces to induce steady play, and play the game on top of content differentiation and combat power growth.

Due to the nature of the game, it was made for a large number of players to gather rather than playing alone.

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on ‘the story was embodied in its own way in a large frame’ rather than the expectation of transplanting the overall play experience of the original. Just because I brought the story doesn’t mean I’m 6th. And the shape is completely different. It would be difficult to see that the experience of the original YS6 and YS6 Online completely coincide.

Since the focus is on ‘online’ to the last, it should be considered that the play is different from the original. Although it is a little more focused on the circulation and nurturing of content, at least the story it contains is worth paying attention to in its own way.

By Jeong Pil-kwon, staff reporter [email protected]