Overboost Studio, Strategy RPG ‘Deverse Order’ Updates New Character ‘Lena’ on the 12th | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

Overboost Studio’s new strategy RPG, [디버스 오더]has been updated on January 12th.

In this update, a new character ‘Rena’ is updated. Lena is an Infighter, a close combat class belonging to the Justice Anchor. It has the ‘Trust Me’ party buff that increases the attack power of all allies and the ‘Chain Sword Bind’ overburst skill that blocks movement by binding the enemy line.

In particular, Lena is a character that boasts a goblin charm in the Chapter 2 scenario, and it is expected to be good news for users who have been waiting for the update.

In addition, the new route ‘Memories of Steel’ in Chapter 3 of the Deverse Order has been added, so you can check the stories that have not been solved in the normal route of Chapter 3 in the ‘Memories of Steel’ route.

In addition, in-game convenience has been improved, and various bugs have been fixed together, enabling more pleasant play.

Detailed update information of Deverse Order can be found in the official community.

Deverse Order Official Cafe https://cafe.naver.com/diverseorder

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]