Pearl Abyss Black Desert ‘Endless Winter Mountain’ OST Part.1 ‘Meditation’ Released on the 11th (Tuesday) | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

– ‘Official Soundtrack’ composed of music that can be heard in ‘Mountain of Endless Winter’

– First part 12 songs ‘Black Desert’ released through official YouTube, consists of a total of 5 parts

– You can feel the ‘endless mountain of winter’ while listening to music in the 1-hour repeat version

Pearl Abyss (CEO Jeong Kyung-in) OST (Official Soundtrack) part for Black Desert’s ‘Endless Winter Mountain’. 1 (Black Desert OST – IX. Eternal Winter – Part.1 Meditation) was released on the 11th on Black Desert’s official YouTube channel.

The OST track mainly uses the ‘synthesizer’ sound with a large sense of space to capture the mystery of the tundra terrain, where snow is piled up all year round. It is characterized by expressing the warmth and peace of the nomadic tribe ‘Abeth’ of ‘Mountain of Endless Winter’ and the friendly and magical appearance of ‘Okjinshini’ with ethnic instruments and orchestral tones.

The first part OST is composed of songs that can feel the dreamy and lonely atmosphere of the pure white snowy mountains, and was composed with a mysterious feeling that transcends time and space.

Black Desert’s ‘Endless Winter Mountain’ OST consists of 5 parts, ▲Part.1 Meditation ▲Part.2 Shamanic ▲Part.3 Dark Adventure ▲Part.4 Epic Adventure ▲Part.5 Battle, and will be released sequentially. Users can feel the various atmospheres of ‘Endless Winter Mountain’ through the music for each part.

Pearl Abyss music director Ryu Hwi-man said, “The OST came out after hearing the opinions of users who wanted to listen to music through a separate channel instead of the game after listening to the music of the endless winter at the Calpheon banquet held last year. We will continue to present high-quality music so that we can enjoy more enjoyable and wonderful adventures together.”

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]