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– A support class that helps allies in various ways with a strategic and original play style using brush and ink

– Additional payment of ‘jumping ticket’ that allows character to grow up to item level 1302 at once

Smilegate RPG (CEO Jiwon Ji-gil), Korea’s representative MMORPG (multi-player online role-playing game), officially updated the first class ‘Painting Artist’ of the new occupation ‘Specialist’, and a jumping ticket payment event was held to commemorate the event. It was announced on the 12th (Wednesday).

A new class of painters, called ‘strategists who deal with illusions’, can attack enemies with the power of illusions using brushes and ink or draw a picture to summon various divine beasts.

The artist’s identity skills, ‘Setting Moon’ and ‘Rising Sun’, are unique skills that can be used to give party members a powerful strengthening effect or to restore their stamina by consuming the ‘Orb of Harmony’ acquired during battle. In addition, it is possible to spray ink on enemies with the brush, which is a weapon, to help allies inflict greater damage. It is also possible to draw pictures on the floor to strengthen party members and help them quickly join the battlefield. In addition, it helps party members to survive by reducing damage received or creating a shield. In particular, the artist’s ‘Welcome Door’ skill is a special skill that instantly moves party members in danger to the painter, and is expected to be usefully used for play.

The painter belongs to the ‘Yozu’, a tribe from Rim Lake located in the southern part of the Anitz Continent in the worldview of Lost Ark, and Esther ‘Shandi’ is the representative hero of Yoz. The drawing artist unveiled this time is the first class of the new professional ‘specialist’ composed of Yoz, and Smilegate RPG will additionally unveil another class of specialists, ‘Meteorologist’ within 2022.

On the other hand, Smilegate RPG additionally provides a ‘jumping ticket’ that allows you to grow your character up to item level 1302 at once in commemoration of this drawing update. Adventurers can quickly enjoy the core end contents of Lost Ark, such as the corps commander raid, through jumping tickets and the ‘Hyper Express’, a high-speed growth support event.

Smilegate RPG CEO Jiwon Ji-gil said, “I hope that Lost Arc adventurers will enjoy richer battle fun through the update of the drawing that will show original play.” It is expected that it will be a good opportunity to enrich the world view of the world.”

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By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]