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– The ‘Run Lympic’, which was suspended due to Corona 19, held the first online competition for Tales Runner

– Added new map Anubis Tag… Attack the opposing team by ‘possessing’ Anubis

Smilegate Megaport (CEO Jang In-ah) held the ‘Eclipse Runlympic’, a casual e-sports competition, in the popular online racing game ‘Tales Runner’ (developer Raon Entertainment) served by the company, and a new map ‘Anubis Tag’ It was announced on the 12th (Wednesday) that it was added.

The ‘Eclipse Runlympic’ is a casual e-sports event for user participation that has been suspended since the COVID-19 pandemic, and has resumed after about two years. The competition schedule is from the 12th to the 27th of February, and users can participate in the competition by clicking the “Join Run” button in the Eclipse channel. Users who challenge the online league qualifiers must apply for participation through the Eclipse Runlympic web event page, and only the top 20 records out of 30 daily qualifiers are reflected in the ranking. For this reason, it is necessary to make a strategic decision to complete the map with the best record through an official match after learning the game sense in a friendly match.

The preliminary round will be held until the 9th of next month, and the final round will be held in the 4th week of February, with the top 64 players selected according to the preliminary rankings, and the long-awaited final will be held on February 27th. Also, in a way suitable for Eclipse’s sub-title of ‘All colors are the same in the dark’, all contestants can race under equal conditions with all abilities equal. All matches will be held online this year.

A new map ‘Avinus Tag’ has also been added. This map will be played as an 8 vs 8 team battle, and Tales Runner users’ old enemy ‘Anubis’ will appear. The characteristic of this map is that when 20 seconds have elapsed from the start of the game, one of each team must possess Anubis and attack the opposing team to be eliminated. Users possessed by Anubis need strategic play as their running speed increases and they can use dashes indefinitely.

In addition, a park event to restore the contents of fairy tales contaminated by Anubis will be opened. Users can obtain Eclipse items as a contribution reward by restoring a contaminated children’s book using the ‘Fairy tale Fountain Pen’ item obtained through map play. In addition, ‘Make Your Own Storybook’ has been added, allowing runners to create their own children’s book.

‘My own children’s book’ can be shared with other users, and interesting children’s books can be listed on the bestseller list by clicking the ‘Like’ button. In this case, you can enjoy the honor of exhibiting your work in the Hall of Fame in the park.

Finally, 4 new items such as Arachne Wing, a new legendary item, have been added to Humont’s board, and the Eclipse 4th Capsule, where you can get 7 new items such as Eblis Eye Patch and Cotton Daily Set, was added to the park.

Smilegate Megaport team leader Kim Yu-jin said, “I am very sorry that we have not been able to hold an event that users can participate in for the past 3 years. said.

Raon Entertainment PD Lee Jae-jun said, “I wanted to show the competition with other users, which is a big advantage of Tales Runner, through this Eclipse Run Olympics. said

Details of this update can be found on the Tales Runner official website ( can be found in ‘Tales Runner’ is a classic online game representing Korea that has been in service since the summer of 2005, and has 17 million cumulative members.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]