ST Computer Launches Pallet GeForce RTX3080 Gaming Pro 12GB LHR | Ruri Web

[기사 본문]

ST COMPUTER (hereafter referred to as STCOM), the Korean official distributor of PALIT graphics card, the world’s largest graphics card manufacturer, introduced the newly released PALIT GeForce RTX3080 GAMINGPRO 12GB LHR with a 12GB extended memory configuration.

The newly released PALIT GeForce RTX3080 Gamingpro 12GB LHR has a powerful 12GB memory capacity, improved CUDA core, and a cooling solution designed specifically for the Pallet RTX30 series, showing its strong side in the gaming environment. The product has several new features.

The PALIT GeForce RTX3080 GAMINGPRO series is equipped with an upgraded turbofan 3.0 for higher cooling performance. A triple turbofan with dual ball bearings with IP5X dust prevention technology is installed to minimize the vibration of the cooling fan and maximize the lifespan. It is a technology that can maintain the best cooling effect with lower vibration and longer life even when the product is used for a long time.

The double U heat pipe design applied by Palit to increase the heat dissipation area provides the best-in-class cooling solution with more efficient heat transfer effect.

In addition, this product provides the best cooling effect by effectively suppressing the heat generated at the main heating point on the back of the PCB board with two die-casting aluminum alloy armor.

In addition, the All New Thunder Master program and ARGB tuning, which has been changed more intuitively, supports various RGB effects according to the user’s taste, and supports easy RGB control and system monitoring functions.

Detailed product-related information about the newly released PALIT GeForce RTX3080 GAMINGPRO 12GB LHR graphics card can be found on the STCOM website and on the STCOM official Naver Cafe.

Reporter Yoo Dong-shik [email protected]