Streaming star: Valkyrae ends stream in tears

Most of the time, streamers appear very self-confident and extroverted in front of the camera. You need a thick skin in this job anyway, as popular streamers in particular have to deal with a lot of hatred and often with harsh accusations.

But streaming star and “Queen of YouTube” Valkyrae recently ended their livestream in tears, after a moving surprise upset the otherwise tough American woman. What happened?

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Who is Valkyrae?

Rachell Hofstetter, the real name of Valkyrae, recently celebrated her 30th birthday. To mark the occasion, it streamed live on YouTube, as is so often the case.

Valkyrae is the streamer with the widest reach on YouTube, nobody on the platform has more viewers for broadcasts.

What happened?

At the stream, the Internet personality expected the same several surprises on the occasion of her birthday. As a joke, she took a roll of toilet paper with her in front of the camera – and she needed it later for herself to wipe away the tears.

Fans do their best!

There were three surprises for Valkyrae. First a round 40 minutes long summary of your most beautiful live stream moments in 2021.

Second, the now 30-year-old expected one virtual gallery with countless works of art by fans the streamer she explored with a pawn.

And third, a collection hundreds of birthday wishes from fans from all over the world.

Farewell with tears

Valkyrae showed up in the livestream obviously taken with the surprises. “I’m so overwhelmed. That’s so great. You are all so nice!”, She commented on the virtual gifts with tears.

Then she ended the broadcast, because she would rather read the congratulations away from the camera, so Valkyrae. “I’ve never been so happy!” She concluded.

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