Word 2022 – these current writing programs are available as an alternative

The names of the Word versions jump and are not even. There is currently no Word 2022, the last version was called Word 2021. But you can use alternatives that are updated every year. Depending on your requirements, you can get away with it cheaply or even free of charge. Here are our tips!

Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016 … wouldn’t it be time for Word 2022? In the eyes of users, yes, but Microsoft is skipping the current year and we’re waiting for the next version. However, there are writing programs or office packages that are updated every year. We’ll briefly introduce you to a few Word 2022 alternatives.

If you are looking for other free alternatives to Office programs, our photo gallery (with download links) will help you.

TextMaker instead of Word 2022

The TextMaker writing program is part of the SoftMaker Office 2021/22 office package. While there is no 2018 version of Word or MS Office, the Nuremberg-based company releases its office suite every year. And this is not just a version number update. TextMaker brings real innovations that could not be found in the previous version.

A worthy replacement for a Word 2022: TextMaker

New features are added every year if there is a current TextMaker version. While SoftMaker Office has relied on the classic menu in recent years, This year the changeover from Word is to be made easier with the introduction of a ribbon menu. However, this is not how Microsoft does it: The classic menu and the new ribbon menu are free to choose from. The familiar is not simply being abolished. The innovations also include the fact that new program windows can now be opened as in a browser – in tabs – or in individual windows.

An important point when deciding between programs like Word and alternatives like TextMaker is compatibility. Of all the Word alternatives, TextMaker has been offering the best compatibility for years. You can also open complex Word files with TextMaker without any problems and save your new documents in Word format.

The street price for this Word 2022 alternative and the associated alternatives to Excel and PowerPoint is well below 60 euros. One “Professional-Version“You can get it for just under 94 euros on Amazon. It can be installed on up to 5 computers.

TextMaker is part of SoftMaker Office, which you can download in a test version from us:

SoftMaker Office Download

Are you looking for a free, free office with regular updates? Take a look at LibreOffice:

FreeOffice 2018 als Word-Alternative

From the same company as the office package presented above FreeOffice 2018, which can also be viewed as an alternative to Word 2022 or 2019. Here, too, you get all the functions that most Office users really need – just free of charge. You can download FreeOffice here and all you have to do is register with your email address so that you can receive the product key. The Office package is available for Windows and Linux. You can also use it to open and write Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and export PDF files.

However, you have to do without the ribbon menu, as well as the spell check by the Duden corrector. Some other features are of course reserved for the current version of Office.

Always a good office alternative – not just in 2022: LibreOffice

The complete office suite LibreOffice is also completely free and can also be obtained without registration. You can use it on as many devices as you want. the The alternative to Word is called Writer and dispenses with a year. So there is no Writer 2022, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any current versions!

Even LibreOffice has a ribbon menu

LibreOffice Writer can also cope with Word files, although not all functions may be supported here. Whoever stands on it can – like SoftMaker Office – switch between a classic and a ribbon menu.

LibreOffice is a community-maintained project that brings out regular updates. Unlike “Word 2018”, it does not have to draw attention to innovations with annual figures, but rather continuously develops the various programs. In addition to Writer, the alternative to Word, there are also alternative options for Excel and PowerPoint with Calc and Presentation. The package also includes a drawing program and a database.

Conclusion on the Word 2022 alternatives

Since there is no Word 2022 and Microsoft mainly supplies repair patches, some users want alternatives that show a further development. If you need 100 percent compatibility but want new features, you should take a look at Softmaker’s TextMaker. If it can’t cost money, FreeOffice or LibreOffice are ideal. The latter has even offered a ribbon menu for some time, so that those who switch to Word will not find any major hurdles here either.