Graphics cards: According to Nvidia, better supply in the second half of the year

Nvidia: More GPUs from the second half of the year

Graphics card prices have been going through the roof since autumn 2020. The reason for this is that AMD and Nvidia are far from being able to cover the increased demand caused by Corona. This in turn has to do with the fact that there are fewer production capacities available due to raw material and production restrictions coupled with a sharp increase in demand for all types of electronic products. But how now PCGamer as well as ours Colleagues from PC Games Hardware report, Nvidia expects the market to be better supplied from the second half of 2022. In any case, CEO Colette Kress assumes that GPU production can probably be increased significantly from the third quarter of 2022. Another reason for a possible relaxation is the fact that Nvidia almost exclusively produces LHR graphics cards. LHR stands for Low Hashrate – these graphics cards are slowed down during mining, making them less attractive to cryptominers. Cryptominers are believed to be one of several factors driving up demand and therefore prices – since they make money off the graphics cards, they are also willing to go along with any purchase price up to a certain limit. A better supply of production capacities would also be important for Nvidia, since Team Green would actually like to launch the new RTX 4000 series this year. But this only makes sense if you could then also halfway meet the demand.

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