MH Rise: Annoying bug is currently preventing some users from playing

Monster Hunter Rise was released for the Nintendo Switch on March 26, 2021. After almost a year, PC players can now also play the latest offshoot of the Monster Hunter series, and of course many players do not miss this opportunity. According to SteamDB the current record for active players is almost 110,000 users. The majority is probably also very satisfied with the game, because of the 3,500 user reviews on Steam 81 percent are positive.

Monster Hunter Rise – Bug when creating a save

Some negative votes complain about various changes since Monster Hunter World and about the rather strange keyboard and mouse controls, but most of the negative reviews come from gamers who simply cannot play the title at the moment. There seems to be a problem with creating a save at the moment, which is why some users cannot play Monster Hunter Rise yet.

Capcom is already aware of the problem, as the publisher writes in a news post on Steam, and is currently working on a solution. More information on this should follow as soon as possible. So if you haven’t decided to buy one yet, you might want to wait for Capcom to fix this rather annoying issue.

Monster Hunter Rise (buy now /47,99 € ) has – similar to Monster Hunter World – in addition to the contents of the Deluxe Edition already almost 100 DLCs, which cost a total of around 200 euros. These are all cosmetic in nature and grant you, for example, a new voice for your character, some stickers for the in-game chat, new hairstyles or things like earrings.

Furthermore, all event quests released for the Nintendo Switch over the last year are directly available for all PC players. These include, for example, the crossover event with Sonic the Hedgehog. Monster Hunter Rise players can also look forward to the new Sunbreak expansion, which is due to be released this summer.