Battlefield 2042 is probably even worse than feared

Where are you going, Battlefield 2042? After a technically catastrophic release and a community on the limit, the bad news about the multiplayer shooter doesn’t stop. Now, the usually well-informed insider Tom Henderson paints an even bleaker picture of Hazard Zone mode.

Henderson writes on Twitter that Hazard Zone has so few players that EA DICE stopped tracking the statistics internally six days after the release. If true, the numbers could be even worse than available data suggests.

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In his post, the insider refers to a much-discussed Reddit post that raises questions about how many players have tried Hazard Zone in the first place. There, many users state that they either only marginally noticed the raid mode or rarely played it.

Very important: Although Tom Henderson has often been well-informed in the past, his information does not come from official sources. So treat the information with a healthy dose of skepticism. However, his latest statement fits the mood in the community.

The tangled situation surrounding Battlefield 2042 even spawned its own satirical game on Steam called Clownfield 2042:

Clownfield 2042: Trailer introduces the Battlefield satire


Clownfield 2042: Trailer introduces the Battlefield satire

The big crash

Battlefield 2042 still had over 100,000 simultaneously active players on Steam when it was released. However, the numbers fell rapidly. Updates brought one or the other upward trend, but it didn’t last.

With less than 10,000 Steam players, Battlefield 2042 currently ranks far below its predecessor Battlefield 5 and roughly on the level of 2016’s Battlefield 1. Such low player numbers shouldn’t be what EA and DICE are aiming for. Battlefield fans are going through a tough time right now.

If this information is correct, this will be the death knell


Battlefield 2042

If this information is correct, this will be the death knell

Remaining hope now rests on the roadmap and substantial future updates. However, these could be delayed until March 2022, which prompts our editor Dimi to use drastic words. Read his column above for more information.

Even a cheat manufacturer dropped Battlefield 2042 because it just wasn’t worth producing cheat software at the moment. Strange as that may sound, this doesn’t bode well for the future of Battlefield 2042 either.