From Skyrim to AC Valhalla, welcome to the craziest side quests!

They are indispensable in open-world games: side missions. They can reveal more of the story, be a nice pastime, or get completely out of hand. This is proven by the following series of pictures, which show you the craziest side quests in well-known games.

When the main story is done, or just drags too much, many like to soften Nebenquests out. Luckily, there are many games that overwhelm their players with these kinds of pursuits. In this flood of quests there are sometimes some missions that we leave you completely confused.

We have you in this photo gallery the 9 most bizarre side missions compiled that the video game world has to offer. While most of the missions aren’t relevant to the main storyline of the game, we clearly want one at this point Spoilerwarnung Express. Have fun!

In The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine side mission

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of Geralt’s trusty horse, Roach, all day long? Then you should definitely check out the Horse Phantoms mission in The Witcher 3 DLC Blood and Wine play! The witcher order is easy to overlook, after all you will not be informed about it anywhere.

A wacky quest awaits you, in which you not only have to fight a nightmare, but in which your faithful companion Roach suddenly learns to speak. The culprit is a hallucinogenic potion, without which you cannot find your opponent in the mission.

As Michael you can join the Epsilon sect in GTA 5.  Kifflom!

Kifflom! – with this phrase the supporters of the Epsilon cult greet each other in GTA. Don’t know who the Epsilon cult is? Then you should definitely start GTA 5 and go in search of the “truth”. During the hidden Epsilon missions you can join a cult as Michael who wants to treat you like a Christmas goose.

It’s up to you whether you lose to the mission chain or the cult with a fat plus on the account leaves. A series of crazy encounters and tasks await you on your way. Stay strong! It’s worth it (maybe)! Even if that means running eight kilometers through the pampas in a sky-blue romper. There’s even a rare achievement at the end of your journey.

In Fable 2 you can bring Lady Gray back to life and seduce her.

In this side quest from Fable 2 you get the order from the gravedigger Victor to collect some body parts for him. That alone sounds bizarre enough. But later you find out that he is his lover Lady Gray want to bring back to life. Now you have to decide – do you want the couple to be together or do you prefer to seduce the dead bride yourself?

In Fallout 4, the USS Constitution is stuck in a skyscraper.

In Fallout 4 you can discover a ship steeped in history: The USS Constitution. Based on the real model, this specimen is stuck in a house after the nuclear catastrophe. Your task is to help the robo-captain and his mechanical crew to get the ship ready again and send it on its final journey. However, this is of shorter duration than you initially suspected …

The South Park: The Stick of Truth is absolutely insane shouldn’t be a secret. However, in addition to flaming farts, anal probes and panty elves, you will stumble across a secondary task as the game progresses, which at first glance does not seem to fit the picture: “Find Jesus”.

Pastor Maxi gives you this task in front of the municipal church, which you then have to enter. Of course you don’t find Jesus by praying and doing penance – but in a wonderfully stupid game of hide and seek. Your reward: If you have found Jesus several times in a row, he will help you in your battles as an incantation. There he mows down your opponents with his assault rifle. South Park stays South Park…

Face McShooty from Borderlands wants you to shoot him in the face

This side mission off Borderlands 2 is neither difficult nor time-consuming. Nevertheless, she remains in the memory of many fans to this day – simply because she is so bizarre. Your task is to the hyper Face Shooting McShooty in the face. That’s it. It’s up to you how long you let the supporting character’s funny little dances amuse you before granting his wish.

Ubisoft’s Viking Adventures Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers a huge game world with many activities and encounters with which you can kill hour after hour. One mission is particularly bizarre: the world event “The Stink Potion”. Initially, the side mission still looks like a normal collection quest.

A woman from the sewers asks you for her some snake eggs to find But what she does with it is just disgusting. After eating the protein-rich meal, she releases such gases that three men walking the city streets about ten meters above her flee in disgust.

Sam Guevenne invites you to a sprawling binge in Skyrim.

when you in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim challenges the seemingly inconspicuous Sam Guevenne to a drinking contest, one of the most insane side quests in the entire game awaits you. After you complete the mission “A Night to Remember” started, you wake up the next morning in the Markarth Temple.

You discover that you not only got engaged to a witch raven lady, you also stole a goat and sold it to a giant. Now it’s up to you to reconstruct the experiences of last night – your memory doesn’t help you at all.

Enter the Dominatrix – Saints Row 4

A computer program in paint and leather? A raptor king? And a chase through the innards of a soft drink mascot? The DLC „Enter the Dominatrix“ is a whole collection of quirky missions that are even by the standards of Saints Row 4 are totally screwed.

For this expansion alone, it’s worth digging out Saints Row again from the mothball box. And while you’re at it, you can still get in „How the Saints saved Christmas“ Save Christmas from the demonic Santa Claws.