Nintendo Switch Alternative: A new PSP could look so beautiful

While the PSP was a real success for Sony, the company couldn’t win a flower pot with the follow-up console, the PS Vita. Since then, Sony hasn’t paid any attention to the handheld market, which has left many fans angry. Two designers have now teamed up and created concept images that show how beautiful a modern version of the PSP could look.

Nicer than the Switch? New PSP theme looks amazing

Although the Nintendo Switch can’t even begin to compete with the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S in terms of hardware power, the console is a real bestseller. No wonder, after all, Nintendo not only has various exclusive games up its sleeve, but also the only handheld console that can be taken seriously.

But what if Sony gave another go at a new PSP that fans have been waiting for for years? the Designer Andrea Gallarini und Nicola Pezzotti have thought about how one modern portable PlayStation console could look like – and their pictures make the switch look really old in direct comparison:

Look at PSP consoles (used) at Console Food

Even narrower, even smoother, even higher quality – the concept of the two designers is really something to be proud of. It almost works like a modern smartphone, but whose design has been expanded to include a few buttons and additional functions. Gallarini and Pezzotti have also thought of a dock for connecting to the television at home. However, unlike the Switch, the handheld console is not inserted vertically into the slot, but horizontally to establish a connection.

New PSP as a Switch competitor? Currently no sign of life from Sony

While many PlayStation fans wish Sony would try to challenge Nintendo in the handheld market one more time, it appears it’s on the company’s part no plans to give in this regard at the moment. No wonder, at the moment Sony is already having enough problems ramping up production of the PS5 and is therefore even keeping the PS4 alive artificially.

It remains to be seen whether Sony will change its mind on the subject in a few years’ time – but the company seems to have burned its fingers so badly with the PS Vita that a return to the handheld market seems unlikely.