PC Games 02/22: Big hit preview 2022, preview Elex 2 and much more!

“And how is it?” – “Yes must be.” – “Jo, et must. Schalke ne?” – “Yes, Schalke au. Can’t do anything.” – “Yeah, can’t do anything.” Or something like that, completely normal dialogues take place in Sascha’s homeland, when you meet again after a long time at the kiosk, “inne French fries stand” or at a family celebration. Or having an interview.

Now one might be tempted to say “Yeah, 2022 is here. It has to be.” – after all, it’s cold outside, the holiday bacon looks ugly and the last few months have been exhausting in general. But moping is also wrong at this point. That’s why we say: Happy New Year, everything will be better in 2022! Except maybe with Schalke. There’s nothing getz can do about that.

In keeping with the new year, we are dedicating our cover story to the most important titles for the next twelve months – after all, a number of top-class hits have been announced for 2022. For example, Baldur’s Gate 3 should finally appear in full and leave Early Access. At the end of the year there will finally be no more Skyrim port, but with Starfield completely new RPG fare from Bethesda. Fans have been waiting for Stalker 2 for many years.

And already in the coming weeks we can expect real hit candidates with Elden Ring, Dying Light 2 or Lost Ark. In total, we present you with 33 games that are likely to be released in 2022, so every taste should be catered for. We also excluded Elex 2 and Grid Legends from the route – because we were able to take a closer look at the two titles at the end of the year and, in the case of Elex, even played for several hours. Accordingly, we have considered both topics with our own large previews and tell you here what is new and where there is still some potential for improvement in the case of Elex 2.

We have plenty of tests for you again, above all, of course, Halo Infinite. We already took a close look at the multiplayer part here in the last issue, now we will give our verdict on the story campaign and the final rating. We also take a look at sci-fi hotspot Chorus and take a closer look at Icarus, the new work from DayZ creator Dean Hall. Apart from that, we still have a few indie titles or games on board that have been lost in the release flood in the last few weeks – a total of almost 50 pages of reviews await you at the start of the year!

In the magazine and extended section we have, among other things, the new part of the game icon series for you, this time with Sim City inventor Will Wright, and we are celebrating the 25th birthday of Tomb Raider and C&C: Red Alert also two full versions: The great survival adventure The Flame in the Flood and the Theme Hospital-inspired Hospital Tycoon. Have fun with this edition!

These topics await you in PC Games 02/22:

The cover of PCG 02/2022

Quelle: PC Games

  • Cover Theme: Annual outlook 2022
  • full versions: Dishonored: The Flame in the Hood, Hospital Tycoon (digital, nur in der Extended-Variante der PC Games enthalten)
  • Current: Elex 2 – Grid Legends – WWE 2K 22
  • Tests: Halo Infinite – Chorus – Disciples: Liberation – Icarus – Inscryption – Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story – Solar Ash – The Riftbreaker – Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – Asterix & Oblex: Slap Them All! – Let’s Build A Zoo – Football Manager 2022 – Unpacking
  • Specials, reports + extended part: Gaming Industry Icons: Will Wright – The Post-Apocalypse – How beginner-friendly is Eve Online? – 25 years Tomb Raider – 25 years Command & Conquer: Red Alert
  • Hardware: Current buyer’s guide for three common example configurations (entry-level, mid-range, high-end)
  • A video area with numerous HD videos, spread over two extended DVDs

The entire PC Games team wishes you a lot of fun with this edition!

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