PS5 with green electricity tariff: Popular console bundle back

The electricity discounter “E wie einfach” offers the PS5 with a drive, a second controller and 24 months of PS Plus as an addition to the green electricity tariff. We have looked at the conditions and reveal whether the offer is worthwhile.

PS5 Disc Edition with 2nd controller & 24 months of PS Plus with “E as simple”

The PS5 is simply not available in the new year either (check the current availability here) and is being offered on eBay at completely overpriced prices. However, there is another way to secure the NextGen console: you can get it from the electricity provider “E wie SIMPLIFIED” (electricity discount subsidiary of E.on). PlayStation 5 (Disc Edition) including 2nd controller and 2 years of PlayStation Plus as a bonus to the electricity tariff. In addition to the regular costs of the tariff (monthly basic price + price per kWh used), there is one one-time additional payment of 349 euros on. For comparison: The total cost of the hardware including the PS Plus subscription is around 680 euros. The only downside: The delivery time is currently 6 to 8 weeks.

Tariff details:

  • 24-month price guarantee: The electricity price remains unchanged for at least 24 months
  • 24 Mo­nate Min­dest­ver­trags­lauf­zeit
  • 100 percent green electricity
  • Sony PlayStation 5 incl. 2nd controller and 2 years of PlayStation Plus subscription for 349 euros as a premium on the electricity tariff

PS5 with green electricity tariff: how do I get the console?

If your old electricity contract is about to end, you must commission “E wie SIMPLIFIED” to oversee the change at least one month before the end of the contract period. This works by phone or online in the customer portal.

However, you can get the PlayStation 5 earlier: After successful contract confirmation of the delivery by “E wie SIMPLIFIED” and payment of the one-time additional payment, the console will be sent to you, even if you are still purchasing electricity from the old provider.

The PlayStation 5: shipyard in this Video a look at the numerous accessories of the next-gen console:

PlayStation 5 at E as simple: Is the offer worth it?

Unfortunately, we cannot calculate exactly whether it is worth switching to “E for you” because various factors such as the federal state, household size and your own electricity consumption play an important role in the electricity supply. In a sample calculation for a three-person household in Berlin, we got a slightly higher price per kWh (34.66 cents) with a comparatively mediocre basic fee (25.60 euros per month). Our tip: Take a look at your current annual electricity bill and compare whether switching providers is worth the total costs for the next 24 months if you deduct the costs for the PS5.

The biggest advantage here is, of course, that you Sony PlayStation 5 Disc-Edition (RRP EUR 499), a second controller (RRP EUR 69.99) and 24 months of PlayStation Plus (RRP EUR 119.98) for a one-off payment of EUR 349. If you were planning to change your electricity provider anyway, the offer is definitely worth it.