Call of Duty Warzone: Pay-to-lose skins now too – accurate aiming impossible

In Call of Duty Warzone is currently making a another bug the round. As reported by players on Reddit, the Shadow Outcast Shigenori skin from the Curse of the Ancients bundle is experiencing crosshair issues. The user “Arbeast21” reports that the crosshairs on his weapon are completely misaligned – and not centered. In a short video, he shows the result of the error: the bullets fired hit a completely different place than previously targeted. A precise aiming is anything but easy. Especially in long-range fights, it’s almost impossible to hit the opponent because players have to align the aiming device completely differently.

Crosshair not centered

When asked whether the error might disappear when using a different weapon or sight, the user replies that that doesn’t help either – the crosshairs remain misaligned. Finally, other users comment that the problem stems from a faulty skin. “Change the character skin. Mine had the same error,” writes one user. “Arbeast21” then confirmed that the error is actually caused by the Shadow Outcast Shigenori skin. The problems did not appear for the first time: already shortly before Christmas made reports around shifted crosshairs the round through the Internet. So the bug seems to have been in Warzone for a long time.