“I’ll give you 1 million won for the interview.” CookApps unveils 100-day large-scale recruitment plan

Global casual game developer Cook Apps(Representative Park Seong-min)’Is 2022Large-scale recruitment in the first half of the year with the goal of recruiting talents to lead the casual game market 1month 17days coming from today 4month 26It has been officially announced that.

In the case of the recruitment notice in the first half of this year, the company 100daily full-time 100in the sense of hiring ‘The 100 projectwas named as, This year, a large number of specialists in each field were hired to increase the number of employees. 250We plan to expand to more than one person.

The field of open recruitment in the first half of the year is programming and planners., Including all fields of game development such as art, General Manager of Company Marketing Division(Marketing Lead) u.a marketer data analyst cinematic animation video designer ▲ Public Relations Manager(foreigninternal communications manager) We plan to hire talented people for various positions, including hiring managers.. filing of documents CookApps websitecan apply at.

A CookApps official related to this job announcement. past 19by year 100female Jiangsu Enterprisesincluding subsidiaries as of last year 160organization with more than one person has expanded, Sales also enjoyed the effect of growing together.mentioning, “In the first half of the year, large-scale recruitment of key talents who can grow together with the company was carried out in the global market., And it will make a big impact in the domestic market as well. AAAWe plan to create a game with high-level gameplay..”said.

The official also THE 100 Passed as one of the recruitment benefits, Regardless of whether or not you have passed, you can apply through the official website as a token of appreciation for the time and effort invested., final 2Interview fee will be paid to full-time applicants who have been interviewed by the secondary management. 100He explained that he would pay ten thousand won.. We plan to present such unconventional benefits and actively motivate applicants to apply., 100Information on screening results within time, etc. 100He added that various benefits and events for applicants will be introduced sequentially during the day..

CookApps is well-known as a company with a high salary level compensation system, even though it is a small game developer, such as releasing the industry’s first salary table by position last year.. The average salary for all occupations at CookApps is 6,500is a ten thousand won line, The starting salary for new hires is 5,000starting from ten thousand won. Also, main 35Time and flexible work system introduction, Lunch break for rest and self-development 2hour, future CEO tenure for nurturing 1more than one year postgraduate and MBA School expenses 90% support, Kite 2We have the industry’s highest level of welfare such as salary negotiations.

More than anything 6of the total operating profit achieved by the company every month 10~15%We guarantee treatment that is higher than that of large corporations, such as providing incentives for, As the company grows, it will continue to provide appropriate recognition and treatment..

CookApps has been 2010As a casual game developer established in, The hit My Home Design series is cumulative. 1100 million 110 million downloads and worldwide every day 70Only users access classic became the title, Wonder Merge(Wonder Merge), Sunny House, Today, we also successfully launched various casual game genres such as dungeons. 2in a year Worldwide 2over a billion downloadsachieved the title.

The company’s financial performance is also very positive.. recently officially announced 2021Annual consolidated sales 529billion won, operating profit 173Achieved record-high performance with KRW billion. industry 11Although it is a year apart, as the present moment is at the peak of the company, we plan to launch various casual games and make generous investments for talent in the future..

Meanwhile, CookApps’ large-scale job posting project in the first half of the year The 100For more detailed information and an introduction to CookApps official website(https://www.cookapps.com)’can be checked through.

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