More charging stations for e-cars: an important milestone is imminent

Anyone who buys an e-car needs a well-developed charging infrastructure. It is not uncommon for there to be a lot of room for improvement when expanding with charging stations. But there are new signs that this is about to change.

Driving an e-car can sometimes be a nail-biter: Can I get home to my wall box with the remaining charge? Or is it necessary to stop at one quick-charging station on the way and is there a space available there? At the classic gas station, these worries hardly bother you.

More charging stations for e-cars: bp expects fast chargers to break even

But it doesn’t have to stay that way, electromobility is also finding its way into one of the really big numbers in the petrol and diesel business. At bp you are about to start with Fast charging stations for e-cars to become more profitable than with classic fuel pumps, says Emma Delaney, head of new products at bp (source: Reuters).

Comparing a full tank of fuel and a fast charge, “we’re approaching an area where the basic business of fast charging is better than fuel,” Delaney said. bp is one of the largest oil companies in the world and operates Germany’s largest gas station chain Aral, where fast charging stations are already being built.

The business with charging stations, especially with fast chargers, has usually been a minus for the large energy companies. It must invested a lot in the development of the charging infrastructure while relatively little turnover is still generated in operation: combustion engines drive significantly more on the roads, alongside petrol and diesel, electricity is cheaper for consumers in the long term, despite the recent sharp rise in prices.

bp wants to cash in: Why consumers benefit from it

If the business with e-car charging stations becomes more profitable for the fuel industry, that should also be the case in favor of e-car drivers. The interest in more charging stations, especially with high charging power, should continue to grow at bp. With the number of e-cars also increasing, there will be more customers and greater demand in the future.

Typical misconceptions about e-cars that you should recognize as such before buying:

It is unclear when exactly the expansion boom is to be expected. “All in all, we see a huge opportunity in fast charging for consumers and business customers,” Delaney remains vague. bp wants to offer 500,000 charging points worldwide by 2025.