PC version of God of War chasing records on Steam

It only came last week PC-Version Action Spiels God of War on the market. Unsurprisingly, she is currently riding a huge wave of success. So it wasn’t just enough to immediately get to the top of the Steam sales charts to set, but also to break some records at the same time.

God of War breaks these records on Steam

As can be seen from the current statistics, were at peak time more than 73,000 players active simultaneously in the PC version of God of War. To be precise, it was 73,529 users. That in itself is a significant number. At the same time, it is Sony’s most successful game to date in this category. For comparison: Horizon: Zero Dawn peaked at just over 56,000 active players at the same time, the action-adventure Days Gone at 27,450.

Also, God of War is the highest rated Sony game on Steam to date. It is currently at an “extremely positive” level with 97 percent favorable reviews from buyers. Days Gone “only” has 93 percent positive ratings, Horizon: Zero Dawn is 84 percent.

How well is God of War selling on PC?

Unfortunately, concrete information on the sales figures for the PC version is not yet known. However, it can be assumed that the action game will sell very well, which should prove, among other things, the top position in the current Steam charts. Twitter user “Benji-Sales” suspects that the PC copies sold so far should easily be enough to lift the total sales of the game (including PS4) over the 20 million mark.

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