Activision Blizzard: Bobby Kotick’s severance pay after Microsoft deal

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick is one of the most controversial figures in gaming right now. Despite the numerous scandals surrounding the company, Kotick repeatedly receives very large sums of money through his position. For example, in June last year, more than half of the company’s investors decided that the CEO should receive $155 million.

The acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft currently raises the question of what will happen to the Activision CEO if the deal is completed by June 2023 at the latest. This unearthed some interesting information, including the severance pay if Kotick were fired.

Bobby Koticks Abfinungssummen

As part of his contract, a number of payments have been set, which Kotick will receive for a variety of reasons. The totals are made up of a salary-related severance payment, a lump sum, follow-up benefits and stock awards.

If Bobby Kotick is no longer able to exercise his position due to his death or disability, the current CEO and his family will receive almost 250 million US dollars. After being fired for cause, $264,524 is awaiting him.

$300 million for Kotick after termination

If Bobby Kotick is fired for no good reason, or if he himself resigns for good cause, he will receive a fine of $265,175,849. The final potential settlement is the most interesting right now. This comes into effect should Kotick be fired without cause, or resign for cause after a change in leadership occurs. Here Kotick can look forward to almost 300 million US dollars.

Exactly what counts as a “significant reason” after a leadership change will of course vary from case to case, but arguably it shouldn’t be too difficult for Kotick to come up with such a reason. Microsoft itself has so far only vaguely commented on thiswhat will happen to the CEO after the deal closes. Dismissal for good cause may become part of the terms of the transfer.

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is definitely one of the biggest stories in the gaming world. We’ve already tried to map out how this could change the video game landscape. However, we will probably have to wait a long time for more detailed information.