CoD: Warzone – Developer finds brilliant way to punish cheaters

The developer of Call of Duty: Warzone has found an ingenious trick against cheaters. Whoever uses an aimbot in the shooter is now punished in a rather ironic way, as a video on Reddit proves.

Call of Duty: Warzone has been struggling with a persistent cheater problem for a long time. Developer Raven Software has now obviously developed a clever strategy as to how players with aimbots can best be punished. A video on Reddit shows like a cheater thanks to the new anti-cheat trick the desire to gamble disappears.

Call of Duty: Warzone – Anti-Cheat trick ensures justice

Players who use an aimbot in CoD: Warzone use automatic aiming to gain an illegal and unfortunately extremely effective advantage over other gamers. Raven Software now counters this practice with a smart trick: Anyone who relies on an aimbot in the multiplayer shooter can suddenly (almost) no longer deal damage in the middle of the game – so the advantage gained by fraud is definitely gone.

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A Reddit video with over 3,700 upvotes shows a player with an aimbot who lands minimal damage despite a longer salvo and subsequently not doing too well on the battlefield. For the community, by the way, this is clearly a case of well-deserved karma in the comments.

CoD: Developer continues to fight against cheaters

Despite many past attempts by developers, cheaters in Call of Duty: Warzone have always found ways to circumvent the measures. Unfortunately, wallhacks and aimbots are still widespread in the community. With the new nerf penalty, however, players can be very strongly reminded, at least for a short time, that cheating is not allowed in the online shooter. The coming days and weeks will probably show whether the aimbot users will soon find a new way to avoid the minimal damage.

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With a new anti-cheat trick, the developer of CoD: Warzone is driving cheaters up the wall. If you use an aimbot in the game, you run the risk of suddenly not dealing any more damage in the middle of the game.