Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard: The end for Bobby Kotick?

Microsoft has always been one of the bigger players in the video game industry, and a few acquisitions in the past have only cemented its position. In what is probably the biggest and most surprising deal of recent years Microsoft is now buying Activision Blizzard for almost 70 billion US dollars (about 60 billion euros).

Activision Blizzard remains independent for now

We’ve already tried to categorize how this could change the gaming world. However, the question also arises what’s happening to current Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick. At least until the deal is expected to be finalized in 2023, Kotick will remain CEO of Activision Blizzard . In her blog post on the takeover Microsoft writes that Activision Blizzard will “report” to Xbox boss Phil Spencer after the deal.

This wording doesn’t clarify whether Kotick will continue to serve as CEO in 2023, or whether he will be relieved of his role. Microsoft deliberately made a vague statement here in order to think about this decision in peace.

Shortly after the deal was announced, Bobby Kotick shared one E-mail with the employees of the company. The deal should be completed by June 2023 at the latest. Until that time, Activision Blizzard will continue to operate independently.

What is happening to Activision CEO Bobby Kotick?

Bobby Kotick is through the numerous scandals surrounding Activision Blizzard quite a controversial figure in the gaming industry at the moment. Many players and employees of the company therefore wish that the acting CEO leaves the company due to the takeover of Microsoft.

There are actually a few reasons why Kotick would step down after landing one of the biggest deals in the industry. According to his contract, Kotick receives an extremely large sum of money, should a leadership change occur. Kotick can probably look forward to almost 300 million US dollars here.

Furthermore, the current CEO stated about two months ago that he would leave the company of his own accord, should he not be able to solve the problems at Activision Blizzard. According to the Activision Blizzard King Workers Alliance However, Kotick only manages to worsen the situation in the company.

With the new acquisition, it seems Microsoft’s turn to fix the problems at Activision Blizzard and create a more positive atmosphere. So far one can at least not accuse Microsoft of treating their employees badly, because for the most part one only hears good things about the various studios.