Psygnosis: New trademark – is Wipeout coming back for PS5?

Many of you will surely remember the famous one owl by developer Psygnosis remember who like at PlayStation classics WipeOut was seen at the beginning. Today the studio is no longer active. In 2001 it was first introduced by Sony Studio Liverpool renamed before it was completely closed in 2012. The Trademark However, the manufacturer has not given up for the logo.

Will Psygnosis return one day?

In the USA, Sony renewed the trademark for the famous logo with the owl again in December 2021. Fans are now speculating as to whether Psygnosis itself will eventually return. The focus is primarily on the team from FireSprite, which Sony recently added to the PlayStation Studios family. Many employees at FireSprite in Liverpool are also former developers of Pysgnosis.

What is the FireSprite team working on right now?

FireSprite has been working with PlayStation since before the acquisition. Especially titles for PSVR were in development. These included The Playroom VR or The Persistence. FireSprite is now also working on it together with Guerrilla Games Horizon: Call of the Mountain, exclusive to the recently introduced PlayStation VR2-Headset will appear. Recently there have also been rumors that the studio is using a Reboot von Twisted Metal was commissioned.

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