The Mandalorian: This bombastic lightsaber fight was planned!

What is often just as exciting as the finished product? Sure, all the content that gets scrapped along the way. It’s not for nothing that a famous quote goes “Kill your Darlings” and the director’s or writer’s favorite characters and encounters don’t make it into the final version of the series or film.

This also applies to the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Because although the finished series numerous Star Wars-Fans could inspire, of course not all potentially outstanding moments made it into the final release. Would you like an example? The upcoming art book for second season shows a truly epic lightsaber duel between two giants of the Star Wars universe.

The Missing Duel: Din Djarin vs. Luke Skywalker

the official Star Wars website recently published an interview with Phil Szostak, who is Creative Art Manager of Lucasfilm knowledgeable about the work behind the scenes. The interview not only highlights Szostak’s work on the series, but also shows some exclusive pictures.

is on one of them This Djarin, so the Mandalorianer personally with the darksaber to see in hand. He is confronted by someone holding a blue glowing lightsaber in his hand. Although his face cannot be seen, the interview shows that it is the legendary Luke Skywalker – even if he wielded a green lightsaber in the series, of course.

The big mystery surrounding Luke Skywalker’s appearance

Actor Mark Hamill wasn’t the only one to comment on the famous Jedi Knight’s appearance in The Mandalorian was honestly surprised. Because only a handful of people even knew that Luke was returning in the Star Wars series.

As Szostak reveals in the interview, Luke’s character was always painted in official artwork for the series in such a way that he could not be identified as Luke. A different lightsaber color, a face hidden under the hood… The artists in the know went out of their way to keep this info a secret:

“As you can see in the book, no work that was created features a clear likeness of Luke. And quite frankly, some of the artists were left completely in the dark until the episode aired. It was a very small group of us, who knew that in advance. Luke was never mentioned in the script either.”