WhatsApp: New function makes photos and videos more individual

WhatsApp will soon get new brushes and a blur effect. (Image source: Pixabay)

With WhatsApp, users will soon be able to let their creativity run free. New tools for image and video editing have appeared in the beta version of the Android version of the messenger. With new brushes, media become even more individual.

In terms of image processing WhatsApp has not yet offered any particularly extensive tools. A basic brush and color palette are available, but most users tend to ignore them. Other possibilities for embellishment are much more mature: in addition to stickers and emojis, for example, text can be placed over an image or a filter can be applied right away.

WhatsApp: edit photos and videos creatively

New tools have appeared in the just-released beta version of WhatsApp for Android. Messenger is still not becoming an alternative to Photoshop, but media can still be designed a little more creatively before sending. It stand now three brushes of different thicknesses ready. In addition to a fine and a normal variant, there is also a coarser brush (source: WABetaInfo). The color palette itself hasn’t changed.

The second innovation is a small function that is already available in the iOS version of the app. The Android version is only catching up with the blur function. This allows parts of an image or video to be obfuscated directly in Messenger, to easily hide sensitive areas. So there is no need to switch to another app.

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WhatsApp: when will the creative tools appear?

So far, the blur effect and the new brushes are only in the Beta version of WhatsApp found for android. However, it can be assumed that they will soon appear in the final version of the messenger. When exactly that will be the case, only WhatsApp itself knows.


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