CookApps, Idle RPG ‘Taled Daemon Slayer’ official service starts today

Global casual game developer ‘CookApps (CEO Park Seong-min)’ has developed and serviced its mobile RPG ‘Tailed Demon Slayer’, ‘Google Play Store’, ‘Apple App Store’, ‘ It was officially announced today that it will start its official service from today through major app markets such as ‘One Store’.

The new idle RPG Daemon Slayer, which started its official service from today, is the third idle RPG genre game introduced by CookApps after ‘Raising Logs’ and ‘Today’s Dungeon’, and invades the happy and peaceful village of ‘Bestia’. It is a game that contains the adventures of the ‘Lich King’ who killed his master and the desert fox, the main character, to punish the undead army.

The main feature of the game is that it provides the fun of strategic play and growth at the same time by adding the fun of strategy and skill manipulation, which were lacking in existing idle RPGs. In the process of collecting and growing a total of four types of weapons, including greatswords and bows, actions with distinctly different styles are developed, and the monster strategy and process using them are designed to change.

In this way, the change of the fighting style according to the weapon and the richness of the character costume elements with various equipment and items composed of various weapons are also provided to deliver the original joy of the RPG, in which the main character develops one by one as he attacks various monsters and bosses.

The developer, CookApps, has previously verified the marketability of Daemon Slayer by selecting it in the global market and recording 200,000 downloads in just one month. From the opinion that ‘we were able to experience high-quality game quality’ that was not seen in the game, positive responses such as ‘I am looking forward to the official service’ have been pouring in, showing anticipation.

It is expected to provide a high level of satisfaction to users who have been looking for a new idle RPG, as the attractively drawn art graphics, cool action, and game stability and content volume up have been carried out for a considerable period of time.

A CookApps official said, “The third idle RPG, Tailed Demon Slayer, introduced by CookApps, has been focused on stabilizing the domestic official service since its service started overseas in the fourth quarter of last year and strengthening content that will satisfy neglected enthusiasts. I hope that many users will feel sympathy for the main character, Desert Fox, and enjoy it.”

Meanwhile, the company presents an open commemorative coupon for users who access the game to commemorate the official service of the Demon Slayer. Existing pre-registration users can receive 3,000 jewel items worth 30,000 won by entering the tailed coupon number ‘Tale’ in the game settings along with a separate reward. In addition, a coupon for a 40% discount on the purchase cost of an item is provided to users who pre-order the OneStore App Market.

For more information about the community related to the Taled Daemon Slayer, and the game, please refer to the ‘Taled Daemon Slayer Discord Channel (’ can be checked.

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