Kuka Games Announces ‘Three Wars Annual Awards Ceremony’ with ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ users | Ruri Web

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– Various benefits are provided to users through a promotion commemorating the 1st anniversary of the launch

– A blockbuster film that ranked 3rd in Google Play’s top-grossing sales right after its release and No.

– The ‘Samjeon Annual Awards Ceremony’ will be held to commemorate the memories of users and celebrate the 1st anniversary of the launch

Kuka Games announced on the 24th that it will release a promotion in advance to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the release of ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, a seasonal mobile strategy simulation game (SLG) based on the material of the Three Kingdoms that it is servicing.

‘The Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ is a mobile SLG based on the Three Kingdoms that was released on February 24th, and it drew attention as a mobile game that obtained an official license for the Three Kingdoms series of ‘Koei Tecmo’, the famous game house of the Three Kingdoms. In particular, the fact that Koei Tecmo inspected the entire game process and the art design and system application of the original Three Kingdoms series received a high response from fans of the Three Kingdoms, and thanks to the steep rise, it ranked 3rd in the top sales on Google Play. made a difference

After its release, it continued its high popularity by running backwards on the charts every time with the operation of the ‘season system’. In the most recently applied ‘Red Cliff Battle’ season, Joo Yu and Zhuge Liang, who were active in the actual Red Cliff Battle, newly appeared, and underwater battles and chemical weapons that allow for more limitless strategies were introduced, resulting in great satisfaction from users. With this in mind, ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ even climbed to No.

In February, the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’, which is about to celebrate the first anniversary of its release, will carry out various promotions to repay users’ great love. As part of that, the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ announces the ‘Person of the Year’ list based on big data statistics and presents chicken, cake and coffee, pizza gift cards and game goods sets.

In addition, the ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ plans to hold the ‘Three Wars Annual Awards Ceremony’, an event to celebrate the first anniversary of the game while commemorating the memories of players and alliances.

On the other hand, ‘Three Kingdoms Strategy Edition’ is continuing its active steps by using actor Choi Si-won as a promotional model following actor Ahn Jae-hong.

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]