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– Cooperation in opening major courses using the content creation platform ‘PROJECT MOD’

– Unveiling a unique video of the signing ceremony opening in a virtual space reproduced with ‘PROJECT MOD’

– Nexon Vice President Daehwon Kim “We will actively expand industry-academic cooperation with domestic universities”

Nexon Co., Ltd. (CEO Jeong-heon Lee) announced on the 24th that it had signed an MOU for industry-university cooperation with Hongik University (President Jong-wook Seo, hereafter referred to as Hongik University) to establish a curriculum based on its new platform ‘PROJECT MOD’.

With this agreement, Nexon and Hongik University plan to cooperate in opening a practice-oriented curriculum that produces metaverse contents using ‘PROJECT MOD’ as a project-based learning (PBL) major in the Department of Game at Hongik University.

‘PROJECT MOD’, which is being developed by Nexon, is a creative platform that allows you to create your own content and share it with others. It is equipped with a production environment that supports the PRO mode, which enables high-level development through programming, from the decorating mode for easy content creation.

Daehwon Kim, Executive Vice President of New Development at Nexon said, “Using ‘PROJECT MOD’, a tool that enables creative content creation, we will be able to provide practical education needed in the industry. said.

Hongik University President Seo Jong-wook said, “I am delighted to cooperate with Nexon, a global leader in the game field in the metaverse era.

Nexon released a unique video of a business agreement signing ceremony in a virtual space within ‘PROJECT MOD’. In the video, you can see how the signing ceremony seems to be held in the presence of students in the Hongik University president’s office, reproduced as ‘PROJECT MOD’.

More information about ‘PROJECT MOD’ can be found on the official site and YouTube channel.

‘PROJECT MOD’ Official Site:

By Kim Young-hoon, staff reporter [email protected]