1&1 annoys customers: changing to cheap DSL tariffs is not possible

1&1 customers feel disadvantaged if they want to take advantage of one of Drillisch’s cheaper offers. They do not get better conditions because they are not accepted as new customers. From the point of view of 1&1 there is no change of provider.

From 1&1 to Drillisch: DSL customers with difficulties

1&1 and Drillisch belong together, but one Change to cheap DSL offers is made more difficult for customers of 1&1. Since Drillisch now also offers its DSL tariffs for new customers, some 1&1 customers have pricked their ears. It starts at just 19.99 euros per month and the prices remain the same even after the first year. 1&1 does not offer such a guarantee.

Interested parties now claim that 1&1 would deliberately put obstacles in their way. A change from 1&1 to Drillisch for new customer conditions fails simply because 1&1 cannot be registered as an old provider After all, it’s the same group.

1&1 sees it the same way, as a spokesman explains: “The Drillisch DSL tariff is about a product of 1&1. This is also explained to the customer during the ordering process. The facts presented are therefore not a matter of a change of provider.”

Customers criticize that too Communication behavior of 1&1. Questions by e-mail about switching to Drillisch were not even answered, and better offers from the sub-brand were not even mentioned on the 1&1 hotline. Questions about a possible change are also said to have remained unanswered about Drillisch’s mobile phone offers, which include sim.de and winSIM (source: teltarif.de).

A few things should also be considered when it comes to mobile phone tariffs:

1&1 Drillisch: Technically, no change of provider

1&1 is not obliged to offer customers better conditions when switching to Drillisch DSL. What is also certain, however, is that 1&1 will be able to offer the cheaper tariffs from Drillisch under the new legal regulations must list in their own customer center, if 1&1 and Drillisch are the same provider.