But no flop? Final Fantasy Origins looks fabulous in the new trailer!

So far seems Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin to be a big departure from the usual Final Fantasy formula. developer Square Enix got Nioh developer Team Ninja into the boat to own one Souls-Like to establish.

So far, the first impression of the game has been more like a belly landing, which you can see in our preview test can read in more detail. Since the release is imminent, there was a row yesterday new information and fresh pictures seen fueling hope among fans.

Additionally, Square Enix and Team Ninja also released one final trailer to the FF Souls Like. It featured new gameplay and gave a glimpse into the story of the protagonist, Jack. All of which was dramatically underscored by Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”

Final trailer for Stranger of Paradise

As well as all the new information from yesterday about the protagonists and enemies of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (buy now €69.99), the final trailer features fans almost five minutes Video material. It partly consists of new gameplay scenes and partly deals with the story and the characters of the game.

Watch the new trailer for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin here.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin: Der finale Trailer zum Souls-Like!

The Souls-like adventure is intended to be an alternate retelling of the story of the original Final Fantasy. Four warriors of light go into battle against the forces of chaos.

The first part of the new trailer introduces the main heroes of the game: Protagonist Jack with his companions Jed, Ash, Neon and Sophia.

The main opponents of the game also get an appearance: the Live Unholde of Chaos. In short gameplay clips, the already known fiends Kraken and Calendar shown. You have company from the fire warrior marilith and the multi-headed dragon Tiamat.

And suddenly Frank Sinatra

There is an unexpected style twist in the second half of the trailer when Frank Sinatras “My Way” can be heard during a longer recording of the protagonist Jack Garland in a field of golden wheat.

The rest of the trailer focuses on Jack and hints at how he got into this world. In addition, the relationship of Jack and Crown Princess Sarah closer as the two seem to develop feelings for each other during the events of the game.

When will Stranger of Paradise be released?

As the trailer announces at the end, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins will be released on March 18, 2022 for PC, PS4 & PS5, also for Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S released.

Are you excited for the new Souls like from Square Enix yourself?

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