Buy PS5: Playstation 5 available today at Playstation Direct

Buying a PS5 is still not an easy task. The demand is still significantly greater than the available supply. But at least a few lucky customers could this morning or this morning get hold of a copy of the PlayStation 5. I’m sure there will be more opportunities in the near future.

Buy PS5 at PlayStation Direct

The clues and clues of the past few days had come true, this morning at 9:00 a.m. the starting shot was actually given for another PS5 sale on PlayStation Direct. In a way, this is Sony’s direct factory outlet in Germany. In the first phase, only those customers who had previously received an email with a personalized invitation link could take part in the sale.

A second phase followed about two hours later, in which all interested customers could try their luck a PS5 (buy now €850.00) available at PlayStation Direct. The queue was correspondingly full, and the quota, which was not exactly lavish anyway, quickly sold out. It is not yet known if and when another sales campaign will take place.

Win PS5 or buy from retailers

Otherwise it is in relation to others Offers for the PS5 very quiet, but this may well change in the near future. It cannot be ruled out that large dealers such as Amazon Germany, Media Markt, Saturn or Otto more drops coming soon. Alternatively, you can win a PS5 as a prize in the eBay competition until February.

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