God of War: This is what a female Kratos would look like

It’s that time again to be wowed by a stunning cosplay. Today we’re looking at cosplayer Meg Turney. On their Instagram-Account you can find some great cosplays, including 2B from Nier Automata.

Could Kratos look like this in a new spin-off?

A Cosplay, which particularly stands out, is their version of Kratos from the God of War series. To be more precise, in her Instagram post she embodies Kratos from the latest offshoot, which is now also available on Steam, by the way.

Your shared image definitely has all the important elements that a Kratos cosplay should have. A beautiful snowy backdrop, a fairly detailed costume with matching axe, and of course some impressive body paint. So it’s no wonder that her post received almost 15,000 likes on the social media platform within a very short time.

According to Meg Turney, she started work on this cosplay back in 2018 but never really got around to completing it. The ax is from JarmanProps, Turney just had to put these together himself. The user served as the photographer Anna Fugate. The people involved certainly did a pretty good job, and it’s definitely not hard to imagine Kratos looking exactly like this in some sort of spin-off of the series.