The Settlers 2022 Fan Feedback: “I want my money back!”

Is that still a settler?” These and similar questions were raised when Ubisoft presented the new version of the settlers out of the blue at the turn of the year. The opinions were, to put it politely, not very enthusiastic and it remains questionable to what extent Ubisoft’s strategy of a very superficial settler experience will work out.

What are the fans saying about Settlers 4?

But how do the hardcore fans see it? The forum users, the Reddit users, those people who enjoy discourse and who will present their opinions to us openly and honestly.

If you take a look at that official Ubisoft forums to the settlers, in English “The Settlers“, then you will quickly find that the opinions on the beta are in many cases anything but positive.

Bold headlines likeThe settlers – money back! are found more often. In addition to problems of a gaming nature, the apparently incompetent support from Ubisoft is also often mentioned as another annoyance. Numerous detailed ones Reviews about the beta on the official Ubisoft forums also paint a clear picture.

Again and again reference is made here to the beta from 2019, which was also received much more positively in the trade press. We too drew a decidedly positive picture in our preview at the time. There is also a list of features, which have been deleted since the 2019 version. This is certainly not helpful if you want to appease your own fans.