If you want to sell your property quickly and without any major hiccups, you should have all the necessary paperwork ready to go. Architectural blueprints and property titles are two examples. You may learn more about the many paperwork that must be provided to a house buyer at various points in the home selling process by reading the article below.

The Contract of Sale

The transfer of property from seller to buyer is evidenced by a sale deed. Important information regarding both parties, such as their names, ages, addresses, and professions, are included. A sale document includes specifics about the property being sold, such as the lot size, address, price, and date of ownership. In the event of a resale property, this document will be very crucial in establishing your legal title and right to dispose of the property.

Structure design

If you have a copy of the building plan that has been authorised by the appropriate authorities, you will know whether or not it is legal to build on the site. Get a free taste here.

Certificate of Encumbrance

This paper ensures that there are no financial or legal obligations attached to the property, such a mortgage. All property dealings over the previous 12 years are included in this document. The sub registrar’s office is where you may go to get your hands on an encumbrance certificate.

Certificate of Completion

The competent ministry’s completion certificate confirms that the building was completed in conformity with the authorised construction plan and all applicable laws and regulations. There are a number of situations in which proof of completion is required:

  • Reassures the buyer that the building was completed in accordance with the blueprints.
  • Protects against judicial processes like demolition and eviction
  • a precondition for obtaining an Occupancy Certificate (OC), which is required for lawful occupancy.
  • Is Necessary to Get Water and Power Connections

You now have an understanding of the essential paperwork that must be present throughout the sale of your home. If you want to sell your home for money in Escondido refer to the link below