If you’re a small or large commercial or residential customer, Gas South is your best option when it comes to natural gas prices. Gas South is the largest natural gas retail provider in Georgia Commercial Energy and offers customers with supply plans in the state. Customers can save money by choosing one of the company’s budget-friendly payment plans. Anyone who is interested can also avail discounts on the cost per therm by using its Pay-As You-Go Program, which functions like an debit card.

The company offers a variety of supply plans, which include fixed and variable. Customers can select the price of their supply based on their past usage or market prices. The rate of supply can change between months. It can also vary from year to the following year, if prices for gas rise. Before choosing a plan, the consumer should first establish the budget for gas.

The company’s headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia. It serves more than 220,000 residential customers and commercial customers. Gas South also serves Georgia customers. It is headed by Chief Sales and Marketing Officer David Malone and Chief Legal and People Officer Stacy Paez. Other executive positions include Chief Operating Officer Manon Brochu and Chief Financial Officer Jamie Tiernan, President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Greiner.

The company has been recognized for its charitable work as well as other benefits. Since 2006, Gas South has donated $9 million to charity for children. Gas South has also contributed half a million dollars for COVID-19 Relief. In addition, Gas South has a special offer for Clayton County residents, which includes low rates as well as other savings benefits.

The rate for gas supply by the company is determined by the market price and the previous consumption of gas. Customers can book new service up to 90 days in advance. The company’s billing system allows customers to view their account details online. Customers can sign up for automatic bank drafts if they prefer. There are also special discounts for active military members and veterans. People with credit issues can also take advantage of the Pay-As-You-Go program.

The company also provides services to commercial and government sectors. In 2020, it bought the energy company based in Florida called Infinite Energy. The company was formerly known as Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co., and it now serves counties in southwest Indiana.

In addition to its excellent service, Gas South has also received numerous awards. Gas South has committed $50 Million in solar projects in 2023. It also has agreements with the City of Woodstock, the City of Roswell, and the Clayton County Water Authority. It has won more than 30 national awards for its innovative and efficient programs. It is a member of the American Gas Association (GA Chamber of Commerce) and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Its board of directors include CEOs and senior leaders from a variety of industries.