Ameren Illinois serves approximately 1.2 million electric customers and 816,000 natural-gas customers in three-quarters of the state. The website says that Ameren offers reliable service and helps keep energy costs affordable for customers.

Ameren offers various pricing plans for their electricity such as Smart Rates Power Smart Pricing, and the Homefield Energy Choice Program. Ameren also offers budget billing, which allows you to set monthly bills at predetermined amounts.

Ameren’s primary reason for charging electricity is the cost of providing energy. However there are other elements that could affect the amount you pay. These factors are:

Formula rates (supply charges)

Ameren Illinois charges a supply charge to purchase the energy it supplies to you. This makes up one-half to two-thirds of your electric bill. The supply charges are passed dollar-for-dollar and do not have any mark-up.

This portion of your bill also includes a transmission service fee that is used to recover the cost of running the transmission system that carries energy from the utility to your business or home. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulates this transmission service charge at 1.562 cents per kWh. This applies to Ameren Illinois Non Interval Metered customers.

In contrast to other states, Illinois deregulated its energy market back in 1995. Since then, customers are allowed to select their own energy supplier and the electric plan that works best for them.

What are the advantages of the deregulation of electric power?

The deregulated electricity market allows utilities and suppliers to compete for lower prices. This lets consumers pick the best energy plan for their needs , and also save money.

The primary benefit of deregulation is that it permits customers to choose an alternative provider for their energy needs. Alternate suppliers may offer prices that are lower than ameren illinois, offer other energy supply options and services, or even be a part of the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which requires all utilities to shift to cleaner, less expensive energy sources.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act not only offers a clear energy market for consumers , but also promotes renewable energy projects in Illinois and helps consumers switch to more environmentally-friendly power. Furthermore, the law is boosting the development of wind and solar farms in Central and Southern Illinois.

Ameren’s request to increase rates

In the spring of this year, Ameren filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission to raise its delivery charges for DS-1 (residential), DS-2, DS-3 and DS-4 electric delivery services in their service areas. If they are approved, these higher delivery charges would take effect in January 2023.

Citizens Utility Board, an advocacy group for non-profits is concerned that these rate increases will only raise electricity prices for customers. Ameren Illinois has been notified by the CUB that it has submitted two petitions to the ICC asking them to rescind the rate increases. This process is expected to last 11 months and will also include public comments before a decision is taken.