Selling a home for cash in Oklahoma can provide a quick and efficient transaction. However, unforeseen title issues can arise, potentially complicating the process. Let’s explore a case study highlighting how a homeowner navigated title issues when selling their Oklahoma home for cash. Learn more here

Case Study: Homeowner

Situation: Sarah sold her Oklahoma home for cash to expedite the selling process. She found a potential buyer interested in purchasing the property without traditional financing. However, a title issue surfaced during the title search, causing concern for Sarah and the buyer.

Title Issue:

┬áThe title search revealed an unresolved lien on the property related to unpaid taxes from a previous owner. The lien amounted to a substantial sum accumulated over several years. This issue threatened the smooth sale of Sarah’s home and raised questions about the property’s clear title.

Steps Taken:

  1. Consultation with a Real Estate Attorney: Sarah decided to seek professional assistance and consulted a real estate attorney experienced in title issues. The attorney carefully reviewed the title report, assessed the implications of the unresolved lien, and provided guidance on the available options.
  2. Researching the Lien: The attorney conducted thorough research to understand the nature and validity of the lien. This involved examining county records, tax documentation, and relevant legal statutes to determine the lien’s accuracy and potential recourse for resolving the issue.
  3. Contacting the Tax Authority: Based on the attorney’s advice, Sarah contacted the local tax authority responsible for the lien. She discussed the situation, provided the necessary documentation, and expressed her intent to resolve the issue promptly. This step aimed to open a dialogue and explore possible solutions.
  4. Negotiating a Settlement: With her attorney, Sarah negotiated with the tax authority to seek a resolution. They explored options such as a reduced payment amount, a payment plan, or negotiating the lien’s removal in exchange for a lump-sum payment. The goal was to find a mutually agreeable settlement to clear the title and enable the cash sale to proceed.
  5. Escrow Account and Holdback: Sarah and the buyer agreed to open an escrow account to address the title issue and mitigate potential risks. A portion of the purchase price was placed in the escrow account, serving as a holdback to cover the unresolved lien. This ensured the funds would be available once the title issue was resolved.
  6. Resolving the Title Issue: After extensive negotiations, Sarah and her attorney agreed with the tax authority. They agreed on a reduced payment amount, allowing for the lien’s release and clearance of the title. Sarah paid the negotiated amount, and the tax authority provided documentation confirming the lien’s satisfaction.
  1. Closing the Sale: With the title issue resolved, Sarah and the buyer proceeded to the closing process. The funds in the escrow account were released, and the remaining purchase price was paid in full. The sale closed successfully, and Sarah transferred the property’s ownership to the buyer.


Dealing with title issues can be complex and time-consuming when selling a home for cash in Oklahoma. By seeking professional assistance, conducting thorough research, engaging in negotiations, and exploring potential resolutions, Sarah was able to resolve the title issue and complete the cash sale successfully. This case study highlights the importance of proactively addressing title issues and legal professionals’ role in navigating such challenges. For more details, click here