Valuation: Real estate agents know the market

The real estate agency has a team that knows the reference market very well, the dynamics, the pros and cons of the moment.

This information makes real estate agents perfectly capable of finding the right buyer for the perfect home or abode you are looking for; to make realistic assessments ; to negotiate and set the correct prices of the transaction.

A professional in the sector is able to evaluate the correct price for a property, positioning it consistently within the market realtor ofallon il.

Choosing a price that is too low leads to the devaluation of the property and the loss of liquidity; on the contrary, too high a price causes the loss of potential customers and inflation of the house.

The valuation of the property is very important and insidious; it depends on many factors, including the average prices of the reference market and the chosen target. In fact, the CompriCasa agency does not focus on the speed of the sale or purchase, but on the best possible result based on the needs and requirements of the individual.

homes for sale o'fallon il

Through a proven method thanks to years of experience, will be able to conduct the right negotiation without emotional or personal involvement. The real estate agent, in fact, is always a third party figure, and therefore always focused on serving only the client’s interests.

Negotiation: professional trading

Real estate agents are able to identify potential interested parties in the property in a precise and professional manner. Therefore, they allow supply and demand to meet, also collaborating with other agencies.

The moment of the sale is a complex moment equally for those who buy, as for those who buy.

The intermediation carried out by a professional in the sector guarantees an added value that should not be underestimated.

Promotion: publication and knowledge of the property

Having the property published , contacting buyers and promoting the announcement are activities which, carried out by the individual, will never be comparable to those of a real estate agent.

In fact, it often happens that sales are based on luck or on important economic compromises.

An attempt at a private sale will necessarily be limited , unlike that carried out by a real estate agent, having the possibility of accessing countless channels.